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A composite image of the three teens who collaborated with the Above the Noise team to create a video about the impact of social media on social conformity.
Youth Takeover

Teens Weigh In On Social Media and Conformity

Thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise
Above the Noise

How Can Parasocial Relationships Affect Your Life?

Thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise called, "How Much Do Algorithms Control You?"
Above the Noise

How Much Do Social Media Algorithms Influence Your Worldview?

Above the Noise

How Does Cancel Culture Impact Students?

Thumbnail image of two people arguing with drawings of brains inside their heads
Above the Noise

How To Argue Better Online: Civil Dialogue IS Possible

Lesson Plans

4 Steps to Help Students Discuss Real Issues and Tackle Misinformation

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Top 3 Videos for Making Sense of Media Literacy

Professional Learning

Founding Partner KQED Announces Launch of New DigCitCommit Coalition to Empower Teachers and Students

Videos & Interactives

Above the Noise Partners with Common Sense Education on New Curriculum