KQED aims to tell the story of how California got into a housing affordability crisis by exploring the history and regional policies of the Bay Area. We want to know how marginalized residents are affected.

Tents on a sidewalk in a city.

Advocates for Unhoused San Franciscans Say Encampment Sweeps Continue Despite Court Order, Call on Judge to Rein City In

Neat rows of gray shipping containers have been converted into housing. A kid's Little Tikes car in yellow and red is seen on the sidewalk in the distance.

San José Mayor, Council Move Toward Compromise on Homelessness Spending

A man stands on a sidewalk with an American flag in red, white and blue, hanging over his shoulders. In front of him, a row of tents line the road. A large tree with bright, green leaves shades the tents.

Biden's 'All Inside' Initiative Vows Federal Aid to Reduce Homelessness in California and 5 US Cities

A bunk bed with black frame and mattresses covered in navy sheets is inside a small shipping container that was converted into temporary housing. A yellow door and a sink are seen just behind the bunk bed.

San José Mayor Pushes to Use Homelessness Dollars to Build More Temporary Shelters Instead of Permanent Housing

A man in a black sun hat and jean, long-sleeved shirt hugs a woman in a red tank top. He looks sad. A black truck sits to their right and piles of trash and debris are seen in the background.

The End of Wood Street: Inside the Struggle for Stability, Housing on the Margins of the Bay Area

through tree branches, a large tan hospital building tower

Laguna Honda Faces COVID Outbreak, Amid Looming Patient Transfer Deadline

An aerial view of a city skyline and vehicles on a bridge.

California Is Losing Population and Building New Houses, So Why Aren't Home Prices Coming Down?

candles, photos and posters sit against a chain link fence in the background as the blurry feet of a pedestrian walk past in the foreground

‘A Tragedy of San Francisco’s Making’: The Killing of Banko Brown

Candles on the sidewalk feature a portrait of Banko Brown, a 24-year-old Black trans man.

Banko Brown’s Black Trans Life Mattered

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