KQED aims to tell the story of how California got into a housing affordability crisis by exploring the history and regional policies of the Bay Area. We want to know how marginalized residents are affected.

A person's hands touching money in a wallet

Rent Relief in California: How to Apply, and What You Could Get

How a Landless Native American Tribe in California Is Housing Its Homeless Members

One Native American Tribe in Lake County is Creating Housing for Homeless Members

A 'For Rent' sign on a house in the Mission District of San Francisco on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Thousands of Renters and Landlords Await State Aid as Eviction Moratorium Set to Expire

Mountain View's New Homekey Site Serves as Temporary Refuge for City's Growing Homeless Population

Faster, Cheaper: How California Is Revolutionizing Homeless Housing — And Why It Might Not Last

San Francisco to Start Accepting Rent Relief Applications on Friday

Tenants Group Sues Property Firm Mosser in Test of Oakland Pandemic Protections

Demonstrators hold signs that read "Evictions = Death" in front of the Capitol in Sacramento.

California Eviction Moratorium Stays, Even as Judge Strikes Down Federal Ruling

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