KQED aims to tell the story of how California got into a housing affordability crisis by exploring the history and regional policies of the Bay Area. We want to know how marginalized residents are affected.

What It Takes to Make SRO Hotels Run Well

Bonus: Your Stories and Solutions for the Housing Crisis

A person in a raincoat and black mask covering nose and mouth stands in front of building holdings signs that say "Stop Evictions" and "Cancel Rent."

For Many Tenants, Section 8 Is a Broken Promise. Fixing It Could Keep More People Housed

A red 'for rent' sign hangs in window of classic SF victorian building with downtown skyline in background

California Bill Would Boost Renter Tax Credit for First Time in 40 Years

book hall in library

Libraries Have Become a Catchall for Social Services -- Should They Be?

An Asian man wearing a black hoodie and a blue cloth face mask, with sunglasses balanced on the top of his head, gazes at a cellphone he holds in both hands

COVID Rent Relief: Already Applied and Still Waiting? Here's What You (and Your Landlord) Can Do Now

A woman holds up a big sign that says "Cancel Rents of People Die."

California Lawmakers Extend Eviction Protections for Tenants Awaiting Rent Relief

A woman at a protest displays a sign hanging around her neck that says: 'Evictions Are Violent. We Won't Be Silent.'

California Assembly Approves Bill to Extend Statewide Eviction Protections Through End of June

A demonstrator holds a sign that says 'Housing Is A Human Right'

California Poised to Extend Eviction Protections — but You Must Apply for COVID Rent Relief by March 31

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