KQED aims to tell the story of how California got into a housing affordability crisis by exploring the history and regional policies of the Bay Area. We want to know how marginalized residents are affected.

An African American woman with a white jacket and the photo of Banko Brown stands at a pew in a church, beneath the photo is written "Justice 4 Banko"

A Conversation With Banko Brown's Chosen Family

A woman serves a man food on a street.

6 Months After People’s Park Closure, Many Former Residents and Supporters Struggle to Adjust

Row and after row of a suburban neighborhood lay in shambles. The homes are no longer intact. The plots are strewn about with debris and char from fire. Naked trees line each street.

California Shows Where Insurers Would Need to Boost Coverage in Fire-Prone Areas

San José Council Approves Budget, with 'Historic' Shift in Unhoused Spending

A billboard among tall weeds reads, "15,000 local jobs paying $88,000 or more." Paid for by California Forever.

California Forever's Bid to Build a New City Qualifies for November Ballot

Three tents line a public street with San Francisco's City Hall building shining as the sun comes up in the early morning hours. Rows of trees line a path toward the city building.

Will Budget Shortfall Mean Less Money to Reduce Homelessness?

Renters Could Get Help Building Credit Under Proposed Law. Why Are Tenant Advocates Wary?

How Shots Instead of Pills Could Change California's Homeless Crisis

A sign that says 'Save people's park' is hung between trees, next to a tent, in a park.

State Supreme Court Ruling Allows Housing Plan To Move Forward At People's Park

UC Berkeley Can Start Building on People's Park, California Supreme Court Rules