KQED aims to tell the story of how California got into a housing affordability crisis by exploring the history and regional policies of the Bay Area. We want to know how marginalized residents are affected.

A big corner building in Oakland. A surrounding chain-link fence is covered in graffiti.

'We Want to See Results': Affordable Housing Bills Inch Closer to Approval

a row of tents and wood boards up against motor homes under a freeway overpass

Alameda County Declares State of Emergency on Homelessness. What Does That Mean?

A tall, white, capital building is seen with an American flag raised on a pole.

Sacramento DA Sues City Over Failure to Sweep Homeless Encampments

An encampment is seen with a tent, pillows and other belongings arranged on a sidewalk next to a building lined with a chain-link fence.

Gavin Newsom's Mental Health Plan Heads to Voters. Here's What to Know

An older African American woman stands in front of a residential building, looking at the camera.

Thousands of SF Homes Destroyed Decades Ago During 'Redevelopment' Could Be Rebuilt for Lower-Income Residents

Three tents line a sidewalk, with a person - back to camera - sitting on the curb in front of one of the tents.

Where Things Stand in San Francisco's Legal Battle Over Street Encampments

An African American woman in a blue suit dress looks on with a crowd of protesters holding signs as a white man in a suit and tie pumps his fist in the air while speaking into a microphone outside of a building.

SF's Encampment Sweep Debate

A woman in a red top stands outdoors along a city sidewalk leaning against big pane glass windows and looking at the camera.

Why Bay Area Black, Latino Residents Struggle Most to Become Homeowners

Two people stand in front of a stall full of wares.

'This Is Our City': San José's Berryessa Flea Market Vendors Fight to Stay