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Two young women lay on blanket on grass with heads close to each other

‘Mija’ Lends Immigrant Dreams a Poignant Harmony

A wide shot of two men wearing blue standing in front of a green door at a detention facility.

ICE Detainees Making $1 a Day Sue Over Alleged Wage Theft

ICE Detainees Protested $1-a-Day Wage. Now They're in Solitary Confinement

A black and white headshot of Maya Cueva. She gives us a half smile, is wearing hoop earings and her curly hair is in a bob. She wears a black turtleneck in front of a fence.

Filmmaker Maya Cueva Focuses on Reproductive Rights and Immigration

colorful illustration shows farmworkers working between rows of grape vines under a blistering hot sun

Blacklisted for Speaking Up: How California Farmworkers Fighting Abuses Are Vulnerable to Retaliation

Several people stand and sit near to bodies covered in blankets

'We Are All Very Devastated': Bay Area Afghans Scramble to Contact Family After Earthquake

Signage for The Golden State Annex immigrant detention center in the forefront. Protesters are in the background.

Immigrant Detainees Strike Over Working Conditions, California Regulators Investigate

A young, clean-shaven Asian man in a navy baseball cap with white lettering saying “Crew” and a navy sweatshirt over a white T-shirt stands outdoors with his arms loose in front of him, left hand over his right wrist, in front of a plate glass wall. Through the glass, bookshelves and overhead fluorescent lights are visible; a sticker that says “Hope” in white cursive letters is visible on the glass. Between the man and the wall are the tops of green ferns. The man is standing tall, his posture casual, and he smiles simply and directly at the camera.

'I'm Still Vulnerable': Bay Area Dreamers on 10-Year DACA Anniversary

A middle-aged Latino man with short hair and a gray mustache, wearing a white T-shirt and a black baseball hat, lifts a handful of green yard waste with both hands toward the camera. He looks down at what could be a pile of similar green waste, blurred in the foreground. He stands in the backyard of a one-story, peach-colored house, with a wooden fence behind him and pink, flowering trees rising beyond it in the next yard.

Newsom Wants to Expand Medi-Cal to All Undocumented Immigrants by 2024. Advocates Say They Need It Sooner