PRX Podcast Garage at KQED

Located inside KQED, the PRX Podcast Garage is a community-building initiative for audio storytellers, journalists, and producers of all experience levels. Check out our workshops and events below, as well as our Podcast Community Spotlight, where we feature independent podcasts that share audio stories from their communities.

A KQED Youth Advisory Board member uses an audio recorder to interview a woman  while standing in front of the Podcast Garage classroom.
PRX Podcast Garage at KQED (photo by Kirsten Voss Dalldorf)

Podcast Community Spotlight

We feature the work of selected independent podcasters by sharing 30-second audio promos for their podcasts on KQED-FM, KQED Podcasts, and KQED and the PRX Podcast Garage newsletters and social media. Learn more and apply!

Podcast Cover art for the Out There podcast
the Nocturnists show logo
The Nocturnists
The Nocturnists
Podcast cover image for Country of Dust
Country of Dust
Country of Dust

Events and WorkshopsEvents and Workshops

Decorative Image for workshop featuring Life in Seven Songs podcast

Jul 17 @ 6:00pm | Crafting an Interview Podcast with Sophie Bearman

Decorative image for experimental sound design workshop with Emily Shaw

Jun 26 @ 6:00pm | Breaking All the Podcast Rules with Emily Shaw

decorative event image for workshop with the Inheriting team

Jun 12 @ 6:00pm | Personal Interviewing for Audio Stories ft. the Inheriting podcast

Apr 30 @ 6:00pm | Audio Listening Party — Overlooked

Cover image of Bay Curious workshop

Apr 11 @ 6:00pm | Elevating Audio Stories with Sound ft. Bay Curious

Decorative image for How to Pitch Snap Judgment workshop

Feb 29 @ 6:00pm | How To Pitch Snap Judgment

decorative image

Dec 7 @ 6:00pm | Personal Narrative and Sound Design

decorative image

Nov 30 @ 6:00pm | Editing Your Podcast with Descript

decorative image

Nov 15 @ 6:00pm | Making a daily news podcast with the Fifth and Mission team

Gather, Learn, Record

The Podcast Garage at KQED is a partnership between KQED and PRX. Open to all, the PRX Podcast Garage at KQED hosts regular workshops on the art and business of audio, networking events, and live events, ranging from listening sessions to podcast tapings. We support audio makers in three main areas:

Community — We are a gathering place and event space for podcasters, radio reporters, oral historians, sound artists, musicians, and more.

Training — Field recording, editing, interviewing, sound design, marketing… the learning curve is steep. We offer hands-on workshops for makers of all levels.

Recording — Production resources are hard to find. We connect audio producers to local organizations that provide production and studio recording resources. Here is a working list of recording studios in San Francisco recommended by local producers:

BAVC Media — 145 Ninth Street

Women’s Audio Mission Studios — 542-544 Natoma Street

KALW recording studios — 500 Mansell Street

Across our work, our priorities are to create accessible and affordable entry points for new makers; represent the voices and stories of everyone in our community; encourage connection and collaboration between creators; and nurture emerging shows with educational resources.

About PRX

PRX is a non-profit media company shaping the future of audio by producing and distributing content, building technology, and training talented, independent producers. PRX believes strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened with diverse voices, and amplified by innovative technology. Our award-winning portfolio ranges from iconic public radio programs to a growing body of podcast-first productions.

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