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Gavin Newsom points to his left as he speaks.

Gov. Gavin Newsom Easily Defeats the Recall

Gov. Newsom speaks flexing his right fist in front of an IBEW union symbol.

Newsom Soundly Defeats California Recall Effort, Holds Onto Job as Governor

A woman wearing a mask and a T-shirt looks at her ballot.

Can Recall Ads in Spanish Sway Latino Voters? Two Families Weigh In

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California Recall Election Result: When Will We Know?

Two Latino Families on the Recall Election

A Rundown of Major Laws Passed — and Not Passed — by the California Legislature This Year

What Could a Republican Governor Do?

A woman wearing a face mask and gloves sits at her desk with dozens of envelopes in front of her. Other staff members work nearby.

With Two Weeks Left in the Recall Election, Latest Polls Show Some Good News for Newsom

Larry Elder in a dark suit and pink tie, with a projected image of a phoenix on the wall behind him

What a Republican Governor Could Do – and Undo – If Newsom Is Recalled