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Kevin McCarthy speaks into a microphone at a press event surrounded by people.

Kevin McCarthy's Surprise Resignation Sets Off Mad Scramble to Replace Him

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stands at a lectern with a House of Representatives plaque on it.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Will Leave Congress at the End of the Month

Inside the Trial That Overturned California's Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Oakland City Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution Demanding Gaza Cease-fire

A watercolor sketch of a white man with a ponytail, holding his hands together, looks down sullenly in a courtroom. A female judge and court reporter sit in the background.

David DePape Found Guilty of Federal Charges in Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack

A woman yells into megaphone surrounding by protesters on a bridge. Police are in the background.

Bay Bridge Reopens After Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-Fire Shut Down Westbound Lanes

WATCH: Biden Hosts San Francisco Press Conference After Meeting With China's Xi

A watercolor sketch of a woman standing in front of a lectern in a courtroom with a female judge behind her.

DePape's Motivation for Trying to Kidnap Nancy Pelosi Is Key, Defense Says in Closing Argument

A bearded white man in a maroon sweater high-fives someone.

San José Labor Groups Don't Like Mayor Matt Mahan. So Why Does His Reelection Seem Assured?