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Missing from the caption description is that only Rogers' and Copeland's faces are not blurred; four additional people, three women and two men, have their faces blurred. Everyone in the picture is smiling, standing indoors under overhead lighting against a wood-paneled wall. Copeland has his arm around the woman standing in front of him, who holds his hand at her waist. Everyone is dressed casually, in T-shirts, tank tops, sunglasses, and baseball caps.

Plot to Blow Up Democratic Headquarters Exposed California Extremists Hiding in Plain Sight

California Has Nearly $100 Billion Extra to Spend — Newsom Wants to Offset Inflation

Two young women smile at the camera while holding a small dog.

200,000 'Documented Dreamers' Are Literally Waiting a Lifetime for a Green Card

A man stands with protesters behind him carrying signs, which are out of focus. He has close cropped black hair and is in a suit with a patterned blue tie.

SFPD’s Former Comms Director is Now on the Board of Supervisors

Mayor London Breed, in a blue suit, smiles with her hand on the shoulder of a man.

Mayor Breed Taps SF Police Spokesperson Matt Dorsey to Fill Vacant Board of Supervisors Seat

women marchers hold colorful signs reading 'women's rights are human rights' and 'my body my choice'

LGBTQ+ Advocates Fear Implications of Overturning Roe v. Wade

A hand places a vote-by-mail ballot into a bright red ballot box.

If You Live in Alameda, Marin or Sonoma Counties, Voting in the California Primary Election Will Be Different This Year

Gov. Gavin Newsom pointing his finger.

Newsom: Democrats Need 'Counteroffensive' in Fight to Protect Abortion and Other Key Rights

A large group of people hold multicolored signs at a protest.

'Slammed Back to the Dark Ages': Abortion-Rights Advocates Denounce Potential Overturn of Roe v. Wade in SF Protest