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Pro-choice demonstrators holding signs supporting abortion access march on the streets in downtown San Francisco. One woman holds a sign that says, 'Abortion is a human right."

California Lawmakers Place Constitutional Amendment Protecting Abortion Rights on November Ballot

side by side photos of two Black women, one wearing a bright red shirt, one wearing a blue shirt with 'SFPOA' on it - both have serious expressions

SFPD Officers to March in Pride Amid Complicated Feelings, Uniform Compromise

two women hold protest signs reading 'never land of the free' while they hold each other and cry in front of the supreme court building

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Ending Constitutional Right to Abortion

hand holds small gun above glass case containing two other small handguns

Supreme Court Strikes Down N.Y. Gun Law. Is California's Concealed Carry Law Next?

A woman holds a sign that reads "We need parents by choice" in a crowd of people.

Right to an Abortion Would Be Enshrined in State Constitution Under Proposed Amendment

People with picket signs pushing for the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin fill the frame, some say "YES ON H."

Why High-Profile Attacks on SF's Asian Communities Rarely Lead to Hate Crime Charges

A headshot of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Newsom, Legislative Leaders Vow to Strengthen California's Already-Strict Gun Laws

Missing from the caption description is that only Rogers' and Copeland's faces are not blurred; four additional people, three women and two men, have their faces blurred. Everyone in the picture is smiling, standing indoors under overhead lighting against a wood-paneled wall. Copeland has his arm around the woman standing in front of him, who holds his hand at her waist. Everyone is dressed casually, in T-shirts, tank tops, sunglasses, and baseball caps.

Plot to Blow Up Democratic Headquarters Exposed California Extremists Hiding in Plain Sight

A man in a black business suit and blue tie stands in front of a podium.

California Has Nearly $100 Billion Extra to Spend — Newsom Wants to Offset Inflation