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Miko Marks in Concert

World Cup Viewing Party

The Big Payback with Erika Alexander & Whitney Dow

A Royal Walk with the King Tides in San Francisco

KQED Roller Disco

Bay Area Street Dance from Boogaloo to Turfing

Dating with Dhaya: KQED Dating Game & Singles Night

Endless Winter: Inside the Donner Party Disaster

Night of Ideas: More?

Paseo Artistico: Muxeres Keepers of Cultura

What is KQED Live?

KQED Live is a new multiplatform live events program, dedicated to bringing journalism to life onstage, amplifying local culture, and building community.

KQED Live makes the mission of public media tangible. Through events offered in-person and online, KQED live creates an inclusive space where people can gather to become informed about critical local issues, inspired by expressions of creativity, and involved in collectively envisioning a better Bay Area.

With thoughtful dialogue, performances, screenings, food experiences, live storytelling, and behind-the-scenes productions of radio and podcast shows onstage, KQED Live offers something for everyone who wants to be part of the conversation.