Our education coverage examines the inequities students face in Bay Area and California schools, and reports on what it will take to educate the next generation.

A white man with glasses in a black hoodie stands in a classroom with students seated at desk writing on pieces of paper.

'We Had a Mission': Longtime Richmond Teacher Reflects on Once-Stellar High School

College students walk through a large, green archway surrounded by lush, tall trees. Many students wear black Jansport brand backpacks. Another female student with black hair and glasses talks on her cellphone in the foreground.

UC Signals Support for Hiring of Undocumented Students, Following 6-Month Study

Oakland Teachers' Strike Continues Despite Incremental Gains at Bargaining Table

A Black woman kneels down to speak to a young child.

How a Local Tax Is Keeping Much-Needed Child Care in San Francisco Affordable

An older Black man stands outside at a rally, with a sign hanging from his neck that says: 'Fund Public Schools.'

Weary Oakland Parents Divided Over Whether to Support Teachers in Looming Strike

A group of young women wearing purple clothing stand on a bus waving with one person holding a trophy above their head.

Oakland's State Championship-Winning High School Basketball Teams Celebrate in Downtown Parade and Rally

A small child's hand is raised in a classroom setting and is seen in focus. Blurred students are pictured behind the raised hand.

California Weighs $300 Million Proposal to Improve Outcomes for Black Students. Advocates Say It’s Not Enough

A woman crouches down next to a young man at a table. He has a laptop open and is typing something.

California Is About to Require Ethnic Studies in High School. Should Teachers Get Special Training to Teach It?

Two high school students stand next to each other inside the West Oakland Mural Project, while reading text on a wall that outlines the Black Panther Party's platform and 10-point program.

'It's Uplifting All of Us': Oakland High School Students Experience Lessons in Black History Beyond the Classroom