Our education coverage examines the inequities students face in Bay Area and California schools, and reports on what it will take to educate the next generation.

a high school teacher speaks to students in a packed classroom

Huge Workload, Low Pay: Close to Half of California Teachers Thinking About Leaving the Profession

Three teenage boys-of-color huddle around an art project on the table.

Transcript: Prop. 28 Would Provide Dedicated Arts Education Funding

FAFSA Opens Oct. 1. Here's What You Need to Know About Applications for Federal Student Aid

Two young girls wearing red decorative shirts and long black skirts stand outside.

How One Oakland School Is Using California's Billion-Dollar Investment in Student Mental Health

“A young white woman with blond-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and tortoiseshell glasses leans down toward a seated female student with similar hair, pointing her pinky finger at a computer screen as the girl looks on. In the foreground, slightly blurry, is a boy with short brown hair sitting at the next computer. The blurred background indicates a clean and brightly lit elementary school classroom, with a bright blue board on the far wall.”

Teacher Shortages Felt Most Acutely in Lower-Income School Districts, Survey Reveals

President Joe Biden sitting in front of a microphone.

Biden Is Canceling up to $10K in Student Loans, $20K for Pell Grant Recipients

CA “Megafloods” | Literacy with Dave Eggers & 826 Valencia

children's desks with supplies on them in a classroom

California's $2.7 Billion Plan to Expand Transitional Kindergarten Is Off to an Uneven Start

A woman with a black headscarf and white shirt sits in a bench in front of a library

Fear of Taliban Leads Afghan Scholars to Seek Safe Haven in the US