Our education coverage examines the inequities students face in Bay Area and California schools, and reports on what it will take to educate the next generation.

A little kid in a bright yellow sweater, sitting in the sun on a mat amid other little kids with their hands up, raises her hand.

What California Parents and Teachers Need to Know About Universal Transitional Kindergarten

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The Major Bills Newsom Just Signed and Vetoed

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New California Law to Require Ethnic Studies Class for High Schoolers

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Major Loophole Remains in California's Upcoming Student COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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Reading as a Civil Right: Inside a Richmond Elementary School's Approach

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As In-Person Classes Resume, School Districts See a Surge in Absenteeism

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State Superintendent Sets Goal to Get All California Third Graders Reading by 2026

Will Oakland Require COVID-19 Vaccinations for Public School Students?

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How Return to In-Person Teaching Is Leaving Many Disabled Kids in Limbo