KQED for Educators

Welcome to the free media literacy teaching and learning hub for educators and students. You’ll find professional development courses, classroom resources and unique tools that allow students to practice critical thinking, media making and civil discourse. Provided by the nonprofit public media station KQED. Learn more about our partnerships and funders.

Youth Media in the Classroom

Free, ready-to-use lesson plans, videos and resources that promote youth voice and help students practice media making, media literacy and civic engagement. Find fresh ideas for all grade levels and subjects, aligned to standards like CCSS and NGSS.

KQED Youth Media Challenge

Amplify student voice through media making and authentic audience. These free, ready-to-use, standards-aligned projects empower your students to share their ideas through audio, video or images that are published on the public Challenge showcase.
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MindShift explores the future of education by highlighting the innovative—and sometimes counterintuitive—ways educators are helping all children succeed.
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Youth Takeover

Youth Takeover is a unique year-long program that partners with high school classrooms from the nine Bay Area counties to help students produce audio feature stories destined to take over KQED’s broadcast, podcast and online programming on shows like Perspectives, Forum, Bay Curious and Rightnowish.
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Above the Noise

In this award-winning video series Above the Noise, host Myles Bess cuts through the hype surrounding trending topics in the news that impact the lives of secondary students. He investigates the facts, looks at the issues from many angles and invites viewers to make up their own minds.
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PBS LearningMedia

Bring the world to your classroom. KQED and PBS have curated FREE standards-aligned videos, interactive, lesson plans and more for teachers of grades K-12.
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Professional Development

As a leader in public media and education, KQED offers free workshops, courses and certification in making media and media literacy to educators in all roles, subjects and grades.

KQED Teach

KQED Teach offers free, hands-on media making and media literacy learning for educators in all roles, subjects and grades. Through live workshops and self-paced courses, teachers build skills to improve classroom engagement and prepare students to analyze and evaluate their media landscape.
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PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED

PBS and KQED created the Media Literacy Educator certification to recognize outstanding K-12 educators from across the country who have demonstrated expertise in teaching students to think critically about their role as media consumers.
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