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Stockton Settles $6 Million Lawsuit Over Man's Police Restraint Death

A Latino man, middle-aged with a graying goatee, gazes directly into the camera amidst a warehouse backdrop. He sports a black and red San Francisco 49ers cap and a dark blue windbreaker jacket adorned with a logo reading 'Generation Pool Plastering.' In the blurred background, a green warehouse vehicle and various boxes and supplies are visible.

8. Last Stand | S2: New Folsom

the boarded up windows of a Louis Vuitton store with a security guard out front

Campaign to Roll Back Proposition 47 Criminal Justice Reforms Could Head to Voters

A screenshot of prison surveillance footage shows a gray room with a cement floor. On the right side of the image sits a Latino man in a gray shirt and white shorts with a goatee and a buzz cut, or shaved head. His legs are chained to the metal desk he’s sitting at, and he’s staring across the room towards the left of the image. Positioned around him at regular intervals are six more chair-desk combos as well as metal dividers between them.

7. “We Don’t Do Coincidence” | S2: New Folsom

An altar near steps of a building with candles and images of a man.

California Jail Deaths Soar Despite Decrease in Number of People Incarcerated

A headshot of a Black male police officer.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Appoints Floyd Mitchell as New Police Chief

A person in a suit and tie and carrying a backpack walks down a sidewalk.

Former SFPUC Chief Harlan Kelly Sentenced to 4-Year Prison Term Following Fraud Conviction ​​— Here Are 5 Takeaways

A large walled and gated complex.

At This Women's Prison in Dublin, Sexual Abuse Is Pervasive

A young Latino man with short black hair, a mustache and tattoos on his neck and face looks at the camera. He has his arm around his mother, a youthful-looking middle-aged Latina woman with platinum blonde hair. His cheek is pressed to the side of her head and they’re both smiling with mouths closed. They are standing in front of several parked cars and a brown building with graffiti on a metal roll-up door.

6. The Day Room | S2: New Folsom

A photo of a large prison behind a fence.

FBI Raids Dublin Women's Prison Plagued by Sexual Abuse