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Trump Shooter Thomas Crooks Emerged From a Lonely America

A Black woman looks at the camera, wearing a red dress and a necklace with shoulder-length hair.

Alameda County DA Seeks New Sentences for 3 People on Death Row Amid Misconduct, Record Destruction Claims

1-Year-Old Boy Dies After Alameda Shooting That Killed 4 Family Members

Alameda Father Accused of Fatally Shooting 4 Family Members Has Court Hearing Delayed

Image of a prison guard tower. In the foreground, a gray concrete wall topped with barbed wire transitions into a chain-link fence on the right, also crowned with barbed wire. In the right third of the frame, a prominent five-sided dark blue guard tower ascends into a cloudless deep blue sky. The top of the tower widens into a control room covered with reflective windows.

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California Father Who Lost 2 Sons in a Boeing Crash Waits to Hear if US Will Prosecute the Company

Prosecutors' Union Votes to Recall Alameda County DA Pamela Price

A younger man poses outside next to an older man (his father).

San José to Pay $12 Million to Exonerated Man in Wrongful Conviction Suit

Biden Administration Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit Over Bay Area Women's Prison Abuses

Ex-Wife of Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi Is Barred From Court as Jury Deliberates