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Photos of 4 certified educators. From left to right: Jamie Gregory, Keats Jennelly, Ken Kusactay, Peg Billing
Professional Learning

“This Process is Fun”: Why 4 PBS Certified Educators Love Teaching Media Literacy

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Above the Noise

What Can Billionaires In Space Do For The Rest Of Us?

A thumbnail image for a video about the lasting impact of Native American residential schools
Above the Noise

The Lasting Impact of Native American Residential Schools


KQED Education Annual Report: 2020-2021 School Year

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Above the Noise

Can #MeToo Activism Change the Culture In High Schools?

Thumbnail image of two people arguing with drawings of brains inside their heads
Above the Noise

How To Argue Better Online: Civil Dialogue IS Possible

Silhouette of student with a thought bubble picturing a decision tree. Binary code is in the background.
Lesson Plans

Connect Computer and Data Science Concepts to Students’ Everyday Life With Above the Noise

#DigCitWeek (October 18-22, 2021) #MediaLitWk (October 25-29, 2021)

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week and Media Literacy Week With KQED

Thumbnail image to illustrate what an episode of Above the Noise series is about
Above the Noise

Why Gen Z Is the Loneliest Generation…Ever?