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Thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise about autism
Above the Noise

How Can the Social Model of Disability Change How Society Views Autism?

Thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise that is about the role beavers play in resisting climate change
Above the Noise

What Can Beavers and Their Habitats Teach Us About Fighting Climate Change?

Thumbnail image for a YouTube video about lobbying
Above the Noise

What Kind of Influence Do Lobbyists Have, and Do You Think It’s Fair?

media-making projects in STEM
Youth Media Challenges

Students Creatively Communicate STEM Learning with Media Making Projects


KQED Education Annual Report 2021-2022 School Year

Thumbnail image for episode of Above the Noise about the drug education program D.A.R.E
Above the Noise

How Should Schools Educate Teens About Drugs?

Sad and frustrated student puts head on desk representing mental health challenges
Above the Noise

Coping With Stress In School and Life

Descriptive visual with collage of educator photos
Professional Learning

Get Recognized by PBS and KQED for Teaching Critical Media Skills

Decorative banner with visuals of student and "I voted" stickers.
Youth Media Challenges

Students Use Their Voices to Champion Change