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Competing State Sports-Betting Measures Headed to November Ballot, With Record-Shattering Campaign Spending Likely

Pete Aguilar on the Jan. 6 Hearings and a Ballot Measure Preview With Marva Diaz

Pro-choice demonstrators holding signs supporting abortion access march on the streets in downtown San Francisco. One woman holds a sign that says, 'Abortion is a human right."

California Lawmakers Place Constitutional Amendment Protecting Abortion Rights on November Ballot

Chesa Boudin Has Been Recalled. So What Does it Mean?

Recapping California's Primary Election

Cindy Chavez and Matt Mahan Headed to Runoff in San José Mayoral Race

A fit, middle-aged Filipino man, with black hair slicked away from his head, stands at a wooden lectern inside a room, speaking toward, but beyond, the camera at his left. We see a sliver of the Seal of California at the top of the front of the lectern, and a skinny microphone neck extending from the lectern toward him. He wears a dark blue suit jacket, a white dress shirt, and a glossy powder blue tie. On a wall behind him are two paintings; the one visible behind him seems to be an oil or acrylic portrait in blues, pinks, and yellows or a man wearing a baseball cap and jacket, with a surprised or distraught look on his face. A tall man also dressed in a suit and wearing a black face mask stands at a distance in a doorway to Bonta's right; it appears to be Gov. Gavin Newsom.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta Easily Advances to November Election to Face Republican Challenger

A light-skinned, trim Asian man in his late 30s or early 40s stands with his hands on his hips in front of a green hedge lining a wooden fence and a wooden gate, as if in a backyard, beyond which sunlight on green tree leaves is visible. He wears a blue-and-white checked collared shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned and neck undone, a white undershirt peeking out at the neck, dark jeans, and a belt. He is smiling confidently with his mouth closed and looking at the camera.

Lahnee Chen Leads for State Controller Seat in November

Ricardo Lara, a middle-aged Latino man with black hair shaved around the sides and long and slicked back on top, speaks into a microphone he holds in his left hand, and points at the overcast sky with his right hand. He wears a dark suit coat and a white collared shirt unbuttoned at the throat with my tie. Behind him is a blurred crowd of people, one wearing a neon orange safety vest with yellow reflective tape, sunglasses, and a sunhat. Another holds a sign that reads in part "Fight Back!" in yellow letters.

Ricardo Lara Advances in California Insurance Commissioner Race