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Oakland Mayoral Recount 'Forfeited' After Supporters Fall Short of Covering Cost

A smiling Asian woman with long black hair wearing a white V-neck T-shirt with a bright pink heart at the center beneath a peach blazer stands with her hands clasped in front of her in a posed portrait.

'Let's Get to Work': Sheng Thao Outlines Plans as Oakland's Next Mayor, After Loren Taylor Concedes

A Black woman smiles, surrounded by supporters.

Pamela Price Becomes First African American DA of Alameda County

Aisha Wahab on Her Historic Election to the State Senate

Nancy Pelosi stands in white at a podium at the House, clad in white, smiling, one hand outstretched, palm up.

Pelosi to Step Down as House Speaker, but Pledges to Continue Representing San Francisco

A black woman with a red suit on stage as her supporters rally around her carrying signs that read "Karen Bass"

US Rep. Karen Bass Is Elected First Black Woman Mayor of Los Angeles

Vote-By-Mail Ballot Envelope Laying on American Flag.

California Still Has a Lot of Votes Left to Count — Here's Why

A white man in a blue suit speaks at a dais with flags and people behind him.

Republicans Narrowly Retake Control of the House, Setting Up Divided Government

A white woman with blonde hair and a black dress looks at a speaking white man with dark hair and a suit, both are seated

Cindy Chavez Concedes Race for San José Mayor to Matt Mahan