Rebel Girls From Bay Area HistoryRebel Girls From Bay Area History

Celebrating the unsung women who helped shape today’s Bay Area.

The anonymous woman above starred in an erotic featurette film in the 1920s. Like her, and most of the sex workers of the time, Alice Smith's true identity remains unknown.

The Woman Who Humanized San Francisco Sex Workers and Exposed Misogyny in 1913

The Sacramento Activist Who Honored Mexican American World War Veterans

A sepia-toned photograph of a large group of Black people, standing and sitting, all looking directly into the camera.

The Formerly Enslaved Cook Who Became a Celebrity Chef in San Francisco

The Indigenous Activist Who Demanded Inclusion for All LGBTQ+ People

The Labor Activist Who Unionized Thousands and Fought For Equality

California's First Licensed Female Architect Built Lavishly, Lived Simply

The First Chinese-American Woman to Vote in the US Fought For Immigrants

The Suffrage and Civil Rights Organizer Who Guided Women to the Polls

The Pomo Woman Who Fought to Preserve Native American Heritage