Rebel Girls From Bay Area HistoryRebel Girls From Bay Area History

Celebrating the unsung women who helped shape today’s Bay Area.

The Single Mom Who Preserved Mexican American History in the 1800s

The Burlesque Pioneer Who Fought Censorship and Multiple Arrests

Margaret Chung in 1909, posing in an automobile. Her love of sports cars would later become common knowledge around San Francisco.

The Chinese-American Doctor Who Raised Hell—and 1,500 WW2 Servicemen

The 1906 Earthquake Survivor Who Fought For San Francisco’s Homeless Population

The ‘First Lady of Billiards’ Wowed 1950s San Francisco—and the Rest of the World

The anonymous woman above starred in an erotic featurette film in the 1920s. Like her, and most of the sex workers of the time, Alice Smith's true identity remains unknown.

The Woman Who Humanized San Francisco Sex Workers and Exposed Misogyny in 1913

The Sacramento Activist Who Honored Mexican American World War Veterans

A sepia-toned photograph of a large group of Black people, standing and sitting, all looking directly into the camera.

The Formerly Enslaved Cook Who Became a Celebrity Chef in San Francisco

The Indigenous Activist Who Demanded Inclusion for All LGBTQ+ People