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November 2020

Members: Please see the note below.

Please note, television and radio programs are subject to change after press deadlines. See the latest TV schedule changes since On KQED went to press or visit our online tv schedules or online radio schedules for the most up-to-date information.

Printable PDFs

Entire November Magazine (PDF, 24 pages)
November TV Shows With Repeat Times (formerly A-Z Listings) (PDF, 13 pages)
November Radio Schedule (PDF, 1 page)
Entire October Magazine (PDF, 24 pages)
October TV Shows With Repeat Times (formerly A-Z Listings) (PDF, 13 pages)
October Radio Schedule (PDF, 1 page)
TV Primetime Schedule for all KQED TV Channels

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As we have shared in this space as well as in the two most recent issues of On KQED, we are making some changes beginning with the November magazine. We’re honored to bring you On KQED each month – however, printing and mailing a large volume of the magazine is very expensive. While members will no longer receive the printed magazine automatically, On KQED will be available to you to read or download online here on this page.

In these challenging times, we need to focus our resources on fact-based, local and inclusive news reporting and thoughtful storytelling. By limiting the number of printed copies, we can ensure that your generous contribution has the greatest impact and goes directly to supporting KQED’s mission, where it matters most. We regret having to make this change, but it’s unavoidable at this time.

The digital version On KQED, which will be available online approximately a week before the beginning of each month, includes these new features:

  • A PDF of the entire magazine with clickable links so you can learn more about what interests you most.
  • A one-page PDF listing of our radio shows.
  • An alphabetical listing of all TV shows including their repeat times (formerly called A-Z; now called TV Shows with Repeat Times).

Also, you can always find an archive of back issues of On KQED online at the bottom of this page.

Thank you. We’re extremely grateful for your understanding and support. If you have questions, please call Member Services at (415) 553-2150 or e-mail member@kqed.org.


Where's my On KQED magazine?
If you did not receive your program guide this month, please call Member Services at (415) 553-2150 or e-mail member@kqed.org.

I am moving out of the area. How do I stop KQED mailings?
Before you move, call Member Services at (415) 553-2150 or e-mail member@kqed.org and ask to have your mailings stopped.

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For printable versions of tv listings from archived months, please visit our TV Weekly Schedule page.

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