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Above the Noise, a YouTube series for teens, cuts through the hype and dives deep into the research behind the issues affecting their daily lives. The series investigates controversial subject matter to help young viewers draw their own informed conclusions, while inspiring media literacy and civic engagement.

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Above the Noise

What Can Billionaires In Space Do For The Rest Of Us?

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Above the Noise

The Lasting Impact of Native American Residential Schools

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Above the Noise

Can #MeToo Activism Change the Culture In High Schools?

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Above the Noise

How To Argue Better Online: Civil Dialogue IS Possible

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Above the Noise

Why Gen Z Is the Loneliest Generation…Ever?

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Above the Noise

Is Thrifting Being Gentrified?

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Above the Noise

Can Performative Activism Actually Make a Difference?

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Above the Noise

When Should A School's Name Get Canceled?

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Above the Noise

Who Gets Imposter Syndrome, And How Do You Deal With It?