KQED Media Literacy InnovatorsKQED Media Literacy Innovators

Every year we are excited to welcome K-12 educators from across the country to become KQED Media Literacy Innovators to collaborate with KQED to create and share the best professional development and classroom resources on media literacy. These are educator ambassadors who love KQED’s education resources and are enthusiastic advocates of media literacy, student voice and youth civic engagement. They are teachers who integrate media analysis and media-making skills into their classrooms, and share those skills with colleagues to enhance teaching and learning in both face-to-face and virtual settings. They are also coaches, librarians, and technology and media coordinators who provide media literacy training to other educators. If this describes you, then this might be the right program for you!

“The KQED Media Literacy Innovator program opens a door to a professional learning network that will inspire, refine and stretch your content knowledge and skills. It has empowered me to empower my students to responsibly and thoughtfully consume and produce media in and out of the classroom.”
– Jim Bentley, Elementary Educator

KQED Media Literacy Innovators program is a cohort of carefully selected educator ambassadors who are:

  • Excited to share KQED services and resources with other educators
  • K-12 classroom teachers of all subjects, instructional coaches and librarians
  • Enthusiastic advocates of media literacy, student voice and youth civic engagement
  • Actively using KQED educational resources in their practice
  • Media savvy inside and outside the classroom

Meet the 2022-2023 Media Literacy Innovators 

What KQED Media Literacy Innovators Do

Our media literacy ambassadors support their fellow educators through resource sharing, training and engagement in person, online and in their local communities — on a regional and even national level. As a KQED Media Literacy Innovator, you share your media literacy expertise by:

You may also be invited to join KQED in additional professional development opportunities*, such as:

  • Speaking at conferences and events
  • Supporting online and/or in person professional learning, e.g. on KQED Teach, at virtual events, at local in-person workshops
  • Writing blog posts
  • Developing curriculum and resources for KQED products

*These opportunities may include a stipend.

Benefits of Being a KQED Media Literacy Innovator

  • Joining a community of fellow education leaders you can share ideas and strategies with
  • Early access to forthcoming KQED resources and services
  • Support and tools from KQED to help you empower peers in your school and district, and inspire your students
  • Opportunity to be eligible for nomination to the PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars program

How to Apply

Applications are closed for the 2023-2024 cohort. They will reopen in spring 2024.

Read the current eligibility and participation requirements