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Each spring, Bay Area youth take over KQED’s TV, radio and digital channels and have their say about the issues affecting their lives. Now in its 7th season, this year’s cohort of Youth Takeover participants includes more than 300 students, from 14 high school classrooms in 7 Bay Area counties, who worked with KQED Youth Media staff in their classrooms and on field trips to the recording studios at KQED headquarters.

New this year, the KQED Youth Advisory Board worked with staff Mentors from shows like Rightnowish, Forum, Political Breakdown and KQED Arts and Culture as well as the KQED Mobile App product team.

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Get Involved
Bay Area: Applications are now open for the 2024-25 school year Youth Takeover classroom program and KQED Youth Advisory Board.
Nationwide teachers: Incorporate the Youth Takeover into your classroom through the KQED Youth Media Challenge


Adam Silva: A Week in the Outdoors

Three female students sit in radio studio.
Youth Takeover

Bay Area Teens Speak Up on KQED TV for a Second Year

The California Report Magazine

Youth Takeover: Parents (and Teachers) Just Don't Understand


Jason Singh: Helping Change Lives


KQED Youth Takeover: We’re Getting a WNBA Team


Randell Jed Feliciano: Nothing Comes in an Instant

KQED's Scott Shafer poses with members of the Youth Advisory Board in front of the KQED logo
Political Breakdown

Voters Under 35 Have A Lot At Stake in November. Here’s What They’re Thinking About


High Schoolers Give TLDR Versions of Rightnowish Episodes

A young woman in black T-shirt and red dyed hair works on a costume, framed by two legs in green shoes.
Arts & Culture

The Drumbeat of Home: How Loco Bloco Keeps One Family Tethered to the Mission