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KQED Youth Takeover Week is April 24 – 28, 2023!

Tune in to KQED on air and digital as Bay Area youth take over programs like Perspectives, Forum, KQED LIVE and Bay Curious and have their say about the issues affecting their lives.

This year, our Youth Media team worked with nearly 400 students in 16 classrooms across all 9 Bay Area counties, empowering them to create stories reflecting their experiences and those of their communities. Each spring during Youth Takeover week, we feature select student-produced stories on KQED radio, TV and digital platforms. Scroll down to the showcase below to see stories from all 6 years of Youth Takeover.

Get Involved
* If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area: Find out more about our Youth Takeover classroom program and KQED Youth Advisory Board. Applications for the Youth Takeover classroom program and the KQED Youth Advisory Board are open now!
* If you are outside the Bay Area, you can incorporate the Youth Takeover curriculum into your classroom by participating in the KQED Youth Media Challenge


Caleb Monteiro: The Case of the Missing Laundry Key


Diego Moreno Espinoza: Life Through a Lens


Simone Green: The Value of Queer Art


Otto Danielson: Making Money as a Teenager

KQED Newsroom

Preparing for California's 'Big Melt' | AIDS/LifeCycle

A composite image of the three teens who collaborated with the Above the Noise team to create a video about the impact of social media on social conformity.
Youth Takeover

Teens Weigh In On Social Media and Conformity

Dear Future Self... [image of a letter written to someone's "future self".]

Dear Future Self: Letters From Fremont High Students


Tanieng Huang: Reach For The Stars


KQED Youth Takeover: Four Stewards at Work Healing Their Land and Communities