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Teens have a lot to say about our constantly changing world. Throughout the school year, our Youth Media team works with select Bay Area high schools to help students produce stories reflecting their experiences and those of their communities. Each spring, we feature their stories on The California Report Magazine, Perspectives, Forum, Bay Curious, Rightnowish and other programs during Youth Takeover Week.

KQED Youth Takeover features student-produced content from the nine Bay Area counties --  Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sonoma and Solano. This year's Youth Takeover ran from April 25 to April 29, 2022. Below, you'll find pieces from all Youth Takeover cohorts.

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Simone Green: The Value of Queer Art

In the lower right of the frame stands a teenage Asian girl, smiling at the camera, with shoulder-length black hair and a black blazer over a white blouse. Most of the photo is taken up by the digital screen behind her, which shows three cartoon graphics of a person either speaking into a radio, standing behind a camera, or reading a script, inside a border/outline that looks like a gear. In the lower left are the word "KQED/Youth Media Challenge."
The California Report Magazine

Youth Takeover: My Impostor Syndrome Started in Elementary School

The two founders of Big Boi Mochi hold up small cards showing the logo for the Asian American home bakery business, with a tray of their butter mochi in front of them.
Youth Takeover

New Asian American Home Bakeries Explore Identity, One Treat at a Time

Pendarvis Harshaw listening to Jessica, a Fremont High School student.

High Schoolers Rock the Mic, Rightnowish

The California Report Magazine

Delicious Dishes: From a Sizzling Cross-Cultural Concoction to Hmong Home Cooking


Emerald Yu: Singing My Heart Out

A floor to ceiling shelf displays row after row of sneakers, neatly placed inside clear plastic display boxes.
Bay Curious

Colorways, Hypebeasts and Influencers: Bay Area Teens Talk Sneakerhead Culture


Tiya Birru: Intersectional Feminism

Youth Takeover

Behind the Scenes at Youth Takeover 2022