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Thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise about app design tricks
Above the Noise

How Do Tech Companies Use Design Tricks To Keep You Hooked?

A composite image of the three teens who collaborated with the Above the Noise team to create a video about the impact of social media on social conformity.
Youth Takeover

Teens Weigh In On Social Media and Conformity

Video thumbnail image for an episode of Above the Noise that is about mental health content on TikTok

#MentalHealth TikTok: What You Should Know

a thumbnail image for a video about conspiracy theories
Above the Noise

The Secret Economy of Conspiracy Theories

Thumbnail image to illustrate what an episode of Above the Noise series is about
Above the Noise

Why Gen Z Is the Loneliest Generation…Ever?

Above the Noise

How (and WHY) Politicians Use Social Media

Above the Noise

When Is Your Brain Ready for Social Media?

Above the Noise

Is Social Media Making You Sick?

Do Now News and Civics

What Does Being Politically Active Mean to You?