Californians can learn to survive wildfire in a warming world. KQED’s reporting includes vital resources, including what to pack for evacuation and how to protect your home. Our in-depth coverage examines fire from all angles, highlights solutions, and clearly explains the connection between a warming climate and severe fire.

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Wildfire NewsWildfire News

Two men wearing fire safety helmets, uniforms, and equipment look towards a fire in a forest.

California Legislators Introduce Bills to Enhance Wildfire Safety Measures

‘The Last Fire Season’ Describes Living Through the 2020 Wildfires

An orange, hazy sky amid burned trees is seen — the aftermath of a wildfire.

New Stanford Research Reveals How Toxic Wildfire Smoke Can Be

Why Your PG&E Bill is About to Go Up

A man uses a tool to remove debris from a truck bed. Behind him is a pile of tree branches and other green waste.

Facing the Fire: California's Sierra Foothills Residents Race to Adapt

The back of a blue PG&E truck is seen.

PG&E Gets Green Light to Raise Rates for Wildfire Prevention Efforts

Windmills are seen on a backdrop of orange skies.

How Climate Change Affects Your Life in the US

Insurance In California Is Changing. Here's How It May Affect You

A person wearing a hard hat walks through a forest with a device to start fires.

Stanford Researchers Publish First Paper to Quantify How Much Protection We Get From Beneficial Fires

A blurry utility truck drives through a wildfire zone.

Skeptical State Regulators Delay Vote on PG&E’s $6 Billion Plan to Bury Power Lines

Older and OverlookedOlder and Overlooked

When Wildfire Breaks Out During a Pandemic, Who’s Responsible for Elderly Evacuees?

See How Wildfires Endanger Older Californians — and it’s Getting Worse

Older and Overlooked: What One Fire Tells Us About the Vulnerability of Senior Care Homes

Living With WildfireLiving With Wildfire

One Potential Solution to Deadly Fires in the Wilderness: Don't Build There

'Increasingly Unavailable and Unaffordable': Home Insurance Threatened Amid Wildfire Crisis

Who’s Checking Your Neighborhood for Flammable Brush? Maybe No One

We Can Make California Wildfires Less Horrific. Will We?

In the Age of Fast-Moving Fires, What's the Best Way to Get People Out?

Town Unites Against Federal Mismanagement to Save Forest

This California Neighborhood Was Built to Survive a Wildfire. And It Worked