Californians can learn to survive wildfire in a warming world. KQED’s reporting includes vital resources, including what to pack for evacuation and how to protect your home. Our in-depth coverage examines fire from all angles, highlights solutions, and clearly explains the connection between a warming climate and severe fire.

Wildfire NewsWildfire News

World's Largest Tree Passes Health Test, Even as California's Giant Sequoias Face Growing Climate Threats

Newsom Seeks Faster Track for Home Insurance Rate Hikes as Market Shrinks

A Latina with short dark hair wearing a structured, sequined pink gown,

America Ferrera to Star in New Movie About the Deadly Paradise Wildfire

California Requires Solar Panels on New Homes. Should Wildfire Victims Get a Break?

Two men wearing fire safety helmets, uniforms, and equipment look towards a fire in a forest.

California Legislators Introduce Bills to Enhance Wildfire Safety Measures

‘The Last Fire Season’ Describes Living Through the 2020 Wildfires

An orange, hazy sky amid burned trees is seen — the aftermath of a wildfire.

New Stanford Research Reveals How Toxic Wildfire Smoke Can Be

Why Your PG&E Bill is About to Go Up

A man uses a tool to remove debris from a truck bed. Behind him is a pile of tree branches and other green waste.

Facing the Fire: California's Sierra Foothills Residents Race to Adapt

The back of a blue PG&E truck is seen.

PG&E Gets Green Light to Raise Rates for Wildfire Prevention Efforts

Older and OverlookedOlder and Overlooked

When Wildfire Breaks Out During a Pandemic, Who’s Responsible for Elderly Evacuees?

See How Wildfires Endanger Older Californians — and it’s Getting Worse

Older and Overlooked: What One Fire Tells Us About the Vulnerability of Senior Care Homes

Living With WildfireLiving With Wildfire

One Potential Solution to Deadly Fires in the Wilderness: Don't Build There

'Increasingly Unavailable and Unaffordable': Home Insurance Threatened Amid Wildfire Crisis

Who’s Checking Your Neighborhood for Flammable Brush? Maybe No One

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Town Unites Against Federal Mismanagement to Save Forest

This California Neighborhood Was Built to Survive a Wildfire. And It Worked