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Newsom Recall Election

Newsom Recall Coverage

Newsom Vows to Take Latest Recall Effort 'Very, Very Seriously'

Gov. Gavin Newsom discussed the recall attempt in a wide-ranging interview with KQED’s Political Breakdown. The episode will drop into podcast feeds today.
An illustration shows a pair of hands opening up a wallet with many 'Vote No on the Recall' signs.

Newsom Staved Off the Recall — Now His Campaign Donors Are Looking for Results

The recall election gave interest groups an opportunity to try to wield influence. They donated millions to help Gavin Newsom keep his job. Now he's deciding the fate of their bills.
A person clutching an American flag and a Larry Elder poster wears a face mask and bandana printed with the flag.

'Almost Like Two States': Recall Results Highlight California's Geopolitical Divisions

The results of the Newsom recall confirmed what many thought about California: Democrats tend to dominate cities, and Republicans are more prevalent in rural areas. But geographic polarization wasn't always the rule in Golden State politics.

Juan Rodriguez on How the Newsom Campaign Defeated the Recall

Gov. Newsom brandishes a fist as he speaks at a podium in from a Vote No sign.

Newsom Crushed the Recall. Now Democrats Want to Change the System

Less than 24 hours after Gov. Gavin Newsom survived an effort to remove him from office, California Democrats began discussing ways to reform a process they consider deeply flawed.
Gov. Newsom speaks flexing his right fist in front of an IBEW union symbol.

Newsom Soundly Defeats California Recall Effort, Holds Onto Job as Governor

A solid majority voted to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office despite a concerted effort by his mostly Republican opponents to oust him, well over a year before the end of his elected term.
A man in a T-shirt and mask slides a ballot into a drop box.

California Recall Live Election Results

Polls have now closed and the vote counting has begun. Here's a live, continuously updated tally of recall results.