Our Creative FuturesOur Creative Futures

Two years into the pandemic, artists are charting new paths forward. Across the Bay Area, they’re advocating for better pay, sharing resources and looking out for their communities’ wellbeing. Welcome to Our Creative Futures, a KQED Arts & Culture series that takes stock of the arts in this unpredictable climate.

Project Manager/Editor: Nastia Voynovskaya | Contributors: Carlos Cabrera-Lomelí, Alan Chazaro, Sarah Hotchkiss, Pendarvis Harshaw, Julian Sorapuru | Photographers: Beth LaBerge, Amaya Edwards, Estefany Gonzalez | Designer: Kelly Heigert | Engagement: Justin Ebrahemi, Ria Garewal, Ashley Ng | Additional Editing: Sarah Hotchkiss, Luke Tsai, Gabe Meline

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A view of the Bay Area, including the Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco skylines, with the text "Our Creative Futures."

Building ‘Our Creative Futures’ in the Never-Ending COVID Era