Science Media CollectionsScience Media Collections

Generate interest in science and stimulate students' imagination with KQED's free standards-aligned science education resources.

dark energyQUEST
Connect science concepts to the real world with short videos, audio reports and more from this award-winning multimedia series.


Bioengineer-multiscreen-640-150x150Career Spotlight: Biotechnology
Introduce students to exciting careers in the biotech field.


WindTurbine 100x100Career Spotlight: Renewable Energy
From a kite designer to a microbiologist, hear from engineers, a scientist, and a technician working to move the renewable energy industry forward.


bay small boatSaving the Bay
Learn about the ecology and history of one of America's greatest natural resources - San Francisco Bay. Find video clips and accompanying viewing guides that offer questions, activities, ideas, and resources to use with students in both formal and informal settings.


climate iceClue into Climate
Explore fundamental science concepts through the lens of climate science and the use of digital media resources.


cousteau whaleJean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures
Bring the ocean into your classroom with standards-based lessons, educational videos and online games.


girl dandelionScience Lab
Sharpen your educator tool kit with KQED Science Lab resources. This new KQED Education program is a professional development opportunity for Bay Area educators designed to support multimedia integration in science for Pre-K to 3rd grade classrooms.