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Combat Bullying with PBS LearningMedia Resources

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bullyingHelp your students to recognize bullying and respond to conflict thoughtfully by integrating these PBS LearningMedia resources into your lesson plans. Register today for additional content about cyber-bullying, communication, and cultural diversity.

Conflict Resolution: Thinking it Through
Grades 7-13+ | Video | Communication Skills
In this video clip, a group of high school students participate in a conflict resolution workshop led by an experienced facilitator and social worker. After each student describes a recent conflict with a friend or family, students explore ways they commonly handle conflicts. Use this resource as a conversation starter in your own class.


Grades 7-12 | Video | Types of Bullying
Cyber-bullying is where one or more children targets another through technology. Learn how to stop cyber-bullying in a variety of ways. Show your students how bullies use text messages and the Internet to threaten others, and discuss the steps that they can take to address this form of harassment.

The Teenage Brain
Grades 6-8 | Video | Biology & Behavior
Why do teenagers act the way they do? This video segment from FRONTLINE: “Inside the Teenage Brain” explores the work scientists are doing to explain some of the mysteries of teenage behavior. Ask students to consider how natural changes in the brain play a role in the way teens relate to one another.

Succeeding in School

Grades 5-12 | Video | Story of Success
Inspire your students with the personal story of Omarina, a student who faced crippling odds but was able to succeed with support from her school community. Use this resource to illustrate the impact of a supportive learning environment.


Martha Speaks: Martha Walks the Dog

Grades K-1, 4-5 | Video
In this video from MARTHA SPEAKS, there’s a new dog in town and he is loud and mean! Even though nothing seems to calm him down, Martha is determined to make friends. Use this resource to show your young students that first impressions can be deceiving.

Dinosaur Train: Including Friends
PreK-1 | Video
Watch a “Dinosaur Train” video clip in which Tiny the Pteranodon feels left out from the Theropod club. Talk about feeling like an outsider with your class. Students can recognize what actions a friend can take to help someone feel included and valued.

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