Above and Beyond: 5 Resources of Women Exploring Space

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In 1983, 22 years after America’s first trip to the moon, Sally Ride became the first American woman to launch into outer space. The celebration of notable contributions continue throughout Women’s History Month.  Use the following resources to introduce students to the broad scope of women's impact on space exploration.

Medical Science in Space with Millie Hughes-Fulford
Learn about Millie Huges-Fulford, NASA's first working scientist, who was part of the first space mission dedicated to the medical sciences.

DNA Sequencing Kate Rubins
Watch the National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins video chat with NASA astronaut Kate Rubins about her work with DNA sequencing in space.

All Women Crew on Mars?
Should the Mars crew consist solely of women? In this episode of PBS Space Time, learn about the potential advantages and disadvantages of having an all women crew in space.

Exercise in Space
Learn how and why astronauts stay fit in space with the following clip. Karen Nyberg, flight engineer of Expedition 36, explains how astronauts exercise on the International Space Station and the benefits of exercise for maintaining heart health and bone density without gravity.


International Space Station
Explore the International Space Station with astronaut Suni Williams. Learn how astronauts sleep, stay clean, and eat in space.

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