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Meet the 2016-2017 Youth Advisory Board

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Last fall, KQED Learning launched its inaugural Youth Advisory Board with a mission of including the youth voice in our production process.

Their primary roles:

  • Hear pitches from KQED staff on new products and media // Questions like, what do you think of our new web series? What topics are interesting to you?
  • Analyze and discuss ideas on how to improve media use in the classroom // This is our plan to get more students making media, what are your ideas?
  • Provide feedback on current and future KQED media and education tools //Here’s a new product we’re designing for students–what works and what doesn’t? How would you design it?

Since then, our Advisory Board members have made an impact on projects throughout KQED.



Meet the 13 high school students helping to shape our content and tools.


Freshman, Castlemont High School, Oakland

Hometown: Oakland

First memory of creating media: When I was 9 years old, my older sister and I used to film videos of us pretending to be spies. We would run around the house and lower our voices, imagining we were closing in on the enemy. 

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  I really enjoy being able to collaborate with other people and hearing their perspective on topics – it has broadened my horizons.



Freshman, Serra High School, San Mateo

Hometown: San Mateo

First memory of creating media: I once made a video on San Francisco and all the things that you can do that nobody talks about. Things like cool hangout spots and good places to eat.

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  Getting to learn new things every time we have a meeting.



Junior, Bay Area Technical School, Oakland

Hometown: Oakland

PBS show I grew up watching: I currently edit videos for YouTube.

Favorite aspect of the YAB: I like how we can give our opinions on anything.



Senior, Bishop O’Dowd High School, Oakland
Hometown: Castro Valley
PBS show I grew up watching: I loved Dragon Tales – I have always wanted to escape reality by touching an iridescent stone.

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  I like inserting youth voice and opinions into education programs. I hope to use YAB as a platform to encourage gender, sexuality, and race discourse in classroom settings because those discussions are integral to understanding history as well as events in the status quo.



Sophomore, Presentation High School, San Jose

Hometown: San Jose

First memory of creating media: I made a video promoting the Student Environmental Action Society in my school.

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  I like being able to voice my opinion and I love meeting new people from different parts of the Bay Area.


Junior, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, San Francisco

Hometown: San Francisco
First memory of creating media: Until I got my phone in seventh grade, the full extent of my digital life was playing Christian video games on the massive computers at my elementary school. Also Oregon Trail, which combined the speed of monopoly with the fun of diphtheria.

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  It’s nice to escape the bubble of my high school and meet kids from all over!


Sophomore, Albany High School, Albany

Hometown: Santa Cruz

First memory of creating media: In eighth grade I started playing around with iMovie. ‘Playing around’ soon developed into a hobby, and suddenly I was creating well thought out projects.

Favorite aspect of the YAB: I enjoy the open space to share and discuss important issues. It’s rare to have a place where you can express your opinions, and be listened to and respected.  


Junior, Salesian College Preparatory, Richmond

Hometown: Oakland
PBS show I grew up watching: Watching Arthur growing up

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  The environment and the people I work with.


Senior, Mills High School, Millbrae

Hometown: Millbrae 

First memory of creating media: I grew up watching many films. Films on television, VHS, and online. By freshman year of high school, I learned how to create videos, so I set out to create a short film. So, I created a very amateur script, asked my best friends to act, and just made up shots as [we] kept going with every scene. At the end, I created my first short drama film and entered it into film festivals and posted it on YouTube. I fell in love with the film making craft because of this. This long process was rewarding and I knew I would do this for the rest of my life. Now, I learn to expand to other types of media such as broadcasting, blogging, and photography.

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  I love working with such an amazing and talented team as well as having the ability to voice my ideas and opinions to KQED. Having a place where I can talk about news with other teens around the Bay Area is truly eye-opening.


Junior, Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto

Hometown: Palo Alto
PBS show I grew up watching: Calliou

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  To me, YAB is an avenue to express my opinion in a meaningful way. When we give feedback, it feels like our opinions are not only being heard, but listened to. It’s amazing to know that our suggestions will be implemented in settings that will affect real people.


Sophomore, Lowell High School, San Francisco

Hometown: San Francisco

First memory of creating media: In second grade I learned to juggle and I remember watching YouTube tutorial videos on our old desktop computer to learn new tricks. As for creating digital media, I remember using my iPod Nano to make videos of me “reviewing” my Harry Potter wands. The videos have me holding a shaky camera and talking in my squeaky little voice. 🙂

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  I like having a place to go discuss things and hear other people’s thoughts and opinions and express my own. I love trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work, and learning to give input in a more professional way. What I love most is that people at KQED really listen and value our feedback.


Freshman, San Francisco International High School, San Francisco

Hometown: San Francisco
Interests: I am passionate about a wide array of issues. I am very keen on standing up for issues such as police brutality, animal rights, racial equality, disability rights, and so many more issues that are present in the world today.

Gillian B.S.


Senior, Saint Mary’s College High School, Berkeley

Hometown: Pinole

PBS show I grew up watching: Arthur and Dragon Tales!

Favorite aspect of the YAB:  Hanging out with cool people. Also, giving my thoughts/opinions and hearing those of my peers.

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