Bay Curious Prop. FestBay Curious Prop. Fest

If reading through the statewide ballot propositions has made your head spin, you are in the right place! From Sept. 29-Oct. 6, Bay Curious is exploring the 7 statewide ballot propositions in our Prop. Fest series — produced in partnership with The Bay. Check the Bay Curious podcast feed every weekday for new episodes or get caught up using transcripts below.

A wide San Francisco with a tent encampment.

Transcript: Proposition 1 — Behavioral Health Funding

Still Not Sure How to Vote on California's Seven Propositions? We've Got You Covered

Colorful bottles with pictures of enticing fruit and candy flavors line a shelf

Transcript: Prop. 31 Asks Whether California Should Ban the Sale of Flavored Tobacco

Graphic painted on the ground says "public charging" with an image of electricity

Transcript: Prop. 30 Asks If the Richest Californians Should Be Taxed More to Pay for Green Infrastructure

An arm is hooked up to tubing connected to a machine. Blood runs in the tubes.

Transcript: Prop. 29 Would Change How Dialysis Is Regulated in California

Three teenage boys-of-color huddle around an art project on the table.

Transcript: Prop. 28 Would Provide Dedicated Arts Education Funding

Huge circular TV screen mounted above a bar shows multiple football games at once.

Transcript: Props. 26 and 27 Offer Different Ways California Could Allow Sports Betting

A crowd of people gather holding signs with messages like, "My body, my choice" written on them in colorful marker.

Transcript: California Has Strong Abortion Access Laws, but Prop. 1 Would Make Abortion Constitutional

California's Newsom Recall Election: How to Vote, and What You Might Not Expect

Proposition 25 Asks: Should California Get Rid Of Money Bail? (Transcript)