Bay Curious Prop FestBay Curious Prop Fest

If reading through the statewide ballot propositions has made your head spin, you are in the right place! From Oct. 1 - 16, Bay Curious is exploring the 12 statewide ballot propositions in our 12-part Prop Fest series. Check the Bay Curious podcast feed every weekday for new episodes or get caught up using transcripts below.

If there’s something else you’d like to know about the 2020 Election, just ask! KQED News staff are here to help.

California's Newsom Recall Election: How to Vote, and What You Might Not Expect

Proposition 25 Asks: Should California Get Rid Of Money Bail? (Transcript)

Prop. 24 Asks: Should We Expand California Consumer Privacy Laws? (Transcript)

Prop. 23 Asks: Should Dialysis Clinics Always Have A Physician On Site? (Transcript)

Prop. 22 Asks: Should App-Based Drivers Be Classified as Contractors Instead of Employees? (Transcript)

Prop. 21 Asks: Should Local Governments Be Allowed to Set Rent Control? (Transcript)

Prop. 20 Asks: Should California Rollback Recent Criminal Justice Reforms? (Transcript)

What You Need To Know About Prop. 19 and Property Tax Transfers (Transcript)

Proposition 18: Should 17-Year-Olds Be Eligible To Vote in Primary Elections?