Celebrate Being an Educator at Spring CUE 2022!

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Blue sky with palm trees. Text reads: Celebrating Educators, Spring CUE 2022, Palm Springs, CA, March 17-19
 (CUE Inc.)

Reinvigorate your teaching practice March 17-19 at Spring CUE 2022 in sunny Palm Springs, California! Be inspired, connect with fellow educators, and learn about the latest ideas in teaching and learning and the best educational technology for your classroom. We are excited to exhibit, lead sessions and finally be able to engage with educators in-person after two years of being virtual.

Visit KQED at our table in the Mesquite Hallway and explore the free resources we offer to help you incorporate media literacy, media making, and civic discourse into your curriculum. And come to one of our sessions listed below. We can’t wait to meet you!


Build Student Media Literacy By Supporting Teachers As Media Makers
Thursday, March 17
Renaissance - Madera / CUE Attendee Hub for Virtual

As tech tools become more accessible, let’s embrace the next step: Integrating media literacy and mediamaking in classrooms to build critical thinking skills and prioritize student voice and creativity. Media projects open doors beyond the classroom, making it possible for students to connect with peers and encounter multiple perspectives. This type of connection is more important than ever, strengthening both social-emotional learning and content knowledge. But classroom teachers, coaches, and school and district leaders need support to meaningfully make student-created media a central part of the curriculum, along with community partners committed to sharing media literacy expertise and publishing youth voices to a wider audience. Hear how KQED’s free professional learning resources and learn-by-doing framework can help classrooms PK-12 foster creativity, deepen understanding and center student voice.

Help Students Become Creative Communicators + Media Makers with KQED!
Thursday, March 17
Renaissance - Ventura / CUE Attendee Hub for Virtual

We want students to be creative communicators, critical thinkers and engaged members of the community. But how do we create a space where they share their voice, communicate effectively, and craft and test arguments based on evidence? Join experienced educators Belinda Shillingburg and Dr. Ricardo Elizalde from San Francisco Unified and Rachel Roberson from KQED to explore KQED’s resources for middle and high school classrooms. You’ll come away with modifiable curriculum from KQED and PBS plus new, ready-to-use ideas for their resources.

Inspire Learning with Student Created Science Documentaries
Thursday, March 17
Renaissance - Madera / CUE Attendee Hub for Virtual

This session will explore the Science Documentary Youth Media Challenge, a project-based unit for middle and high school students to produce and share short videos on any science topic, observation or issue that affects them or their community. This project includes a modifiable teacher curriculum to guide students through the process of identifying, researching and creating a short video on their chosen topic, as well as publishing their video on KQED’s youth media showcase. Participants will explore curriculum resources and hear from an educator who has done the Science Documentary challenge with students and leave with ideas and topics they could implement in their own classrooms.



Engineering for Good: Student Media Solutions to Real-World Problems
Friday, March 18
PSCC - Smoketree F

This session will give an overview of the Engineering for Good Youth Media Challenge, a project-based unit for middle and high school students to engage in the engineering design process. This unit includes a modifiable curriculum to carry out the engineering and media-making processes with students, as well as student-facing supports and a platform for students to share their work to an audience outside of their classroom.  Participants of this session will get a sense of the scope of this project, analyze student examples and will identify a problem in their community, city or life that can be solved or improved through engineering. They will also hear from an educator who has done the Engineering for Good challenge with students in order to think more critically about the implementation process in their own classrooms.


Center EL Student Voice with Audio Stories
Saturday, March 19
Renaissance - Ventura / CUE Attendee Hub for Virtual

First-person podcasts create a powerful space for students to tell their own stories. Audio storytelling is particularly meaningful for students developing English language skills, who gain confidence along with speaking, listening and fluency skills as they write, record and share audio stories. Join us to hear firsthand how audio personal narratives have made a difference in ELD classrooms, learn how to implement first-person podcasts with your students and leave with ready-to-use resources from KQED’s youth media challenges and other sources to bring audio storytelling to your ELD and/or ELA classroom.

It’s All About Voice and Choice: Integrating SEL and Student Media Project
Saturday, March 19
PSCC - Smoketree C

Integrating social-emotional learning practices into our curriculum has never been more important. When done authentically, integrating SEL inspires students to bring their whole selves into the classroom as learners, classmates and members of the community. This session will explore how centering student voice through audio personal essays and commentary can build students’ self-awareness and social awareness, boost critical thinking skills and strengthen media literacy. Join us to discuss ways to integrate SEL into humanities classrooms through mediamaking inspired by KQED’s youth media challenges, hear firsthand how audio storytelling has made a difference in an 8th grade English/ELD classroom, and leave with ready-to-use resources to bring SEL-aligned mediamaking into your learning context.