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After a difficult year of remote and hybrid learning that has left educators burnt out, the fall brings hope of the return of in-person instruction. We’re here to support you for a new school year and new possibilities with KQED’s low-key, high impact summer professional learning. We offer a range of opportunities to learn media-making and media literacy skills, from short 1-hour workshops to six-week online courses. Our workshops and courses are free and flexible, designed to give educators quality professional learning that fits in with vacation and summer school schedules. Check out our schedule below and register today!

KQED Teach Media Academy for Educator Courses

In these online, instructor-led professional learning courses, participants can access the content at their own pace and will receive personalized feedback from KQED staff on course assignments. The Media Academy is open to all educators across the country, including PreK-12 classroom teachers, librarians, TOSAs and anyone who wants to make media-rich, digitally-savvy learning available to students.

Video Production for the Classroom
Online course (Grades PreK – 12)
June 7 – July 25
Video is a powerful medium for helping students find their voice and demonstrate their learning. This instructor-led course takes you step-by-step through the entire video production process, from the fundamentals of shooting to lesson planning, assessment, copyright and student privacy.

Podcasting and Audio Production for the Classroom
Online course (Grades PreK – 12)
July 12 – August 22
Audio storytelling is an easy, accessible way for students to practice literacy and content creation—all they need is a phone. In this instructor-led course, you’ll make audio for your classroom as well as learn how to teach and assess student audio projects.

Analyzing and Evaluating Media for the Classroom
Online course (Grades PreK – 12)
August 30 – September 19
Misinformation is a constant in students’ lives, especially in the current global reality. This instructor-led course will help you empower students to effectively assess the accuracy and quality of information across media formats and understand the techniques content creators use to shape their messages.


Youth Media Challenge Workshops

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These workshops will prepare educators for implementing Youth Media Challenges into their classrooms this fall, giving them the opportunity to reconnect with students and engage student voice and choice. Challenges are open to middle and high school students across the U.S.

Using Audio Projects to Empower Student Voice
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
June 16, 4-5pm PT
Start thinking about audio projects for next school year and get an introduction to KQED’s audio youth media challenges! These engaging media projects are a powerful way to reconnect with students, inspire learning, and strengthen communication and critical thinking skills.

Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
June 29 & July 1, 1-3pm PT
Center student voice with audio storytelling and reconnect with students when we return to school by creating a space for them to share insights, reflections and ideas with voice-only audio stories, journals or commentary. Relatively easy to produce, this type of podcast centers student voice and strengthens writing and storytelling skills. In this workshop, you’ll create your own audio perspective from script to recording.

Engineering for Good
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
July 13 & 15, 9:30am – 12pm PT
This challenge is a hands-on STEM media project that asks students to design solutions to real-world problems and communicate their solutions to an authentic, public audience through an infographic or a video. This workshop introduces the curriculum and includes practice and support to lead students through creating infographics or videos to communicate their designs.

Science Documentaries
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
August 4 & 5, 4-6pm PT
Inspire learning with student-created science documentaries. The Science Documentary youth media challenge asks students to create a short video explaining a scientific observation, concept or issue that impacts their lives. At this workshop, you’ll create your own short science documentary and hear from an educator who has used the science documentary challenge to drive student inquiry.

Podcasting With The California Report
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
August 10 & 12, 4-6pm PT
Put sound, music and student voice at the heart of podcasting. This workshop is perfect for secondary educators interested in doing sound-rich, journalistic or story-based podcasts with students. We’ll explore what makes a strong podcast and then get hands-on making your own podcast. You’ll also hear from experienced teachers about ways to implement the project in a range of learning environments.

Rethink School With MindShift
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
September 15, 4-6pm PT
Join KQED and Soundtrap to create audio around what schools can be. KQED’s new Rethink School With Mindshift Youth Media Challenge invites students to reflect on the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and create an audio or video commentary on what should change (or stay the same) about school. At this workshop, you’ll explore the challenge curriculum, get hands-on with Soundtrap and start making your own Rethink School audio commentary to use as a model for students.

Political Cartooning With Mark Fiore
Online Workshop (Grades 6-12)
September 22, 4-6pm PT
Learn the art of centering student voice with political cartooning. In this challenge, your students will create political cartoons to share their views on important issues and develop their voice in a democratic society. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll unpack the “visual vocabulary” used in political cartoons and get started creating our own.

Other Media Literacy Workshops and Webinars

Copyright © 2020 KQED Inc. All Rights Reserved (Copyright © 2020 KQED Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Curate High-Quality Media for Online Instructions
Informational Webinar (Grades PreK-12)
June 2, 3:30-4pm PT
Learn how to curate high-quality media from PBS and public media stations for online and blended teaching. Find trusted, quality PreK-12 videos, lessons and interactive games for your classroom. All for free.

A Teacher’s Guide to Helping Students Avoid the Pitfalls of Misinformation: Getting the Facts Straight
edWebinar (Grades PreK-12)
August 18, 2-3pm PT
Help students avoid the misinformation pitfalls of social media and fact check like professionals. In this interactive, educator-led edWebinar, you’ll learn how to slow down and evaluate online sources, then practice with a fun quiz we call “Beware or Share.” You’ll also hear from an educator who makes online evaluation a key part of her curriculum and leave with classroom-ready resources to get started sharing these techniques with your students.


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