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Teens and Coronavirus: "What should we do in the midst of a crisis?"

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 (Annabelle Chao)

We asked teens to share how Coronavirus has impacted their daily lives. Annabelle Chao, a student at Rancho Milpitas Middle School in Milpitas, California shares her take.

You are part of a dystopian novel. You are sitting comfortably in your house, eating Oreos. You turn on the news and listen in onto the new events resulting in the virus. You hear about these deaths, all these dramatizations of this seemingly harmless flu. How can this be the end of the world?

Unfortunately, this is happening today. We are trapped in our house due to COVID-19, and some are in a state of panic. These panickers are buying loads of toilet paper, loads of hand sanitizer, so much that there seems to be a shortage of it. It almost seems like it could be used as a currency. This panic won’t help anyone. Why do you need excess of it when there are people out there who need it the most? What should we do in the midst of a crisis?

We can take something from this particular state of mind, where you are internally screaming into the void constantly as if there is always a global crisis, but when there is, you are calm.

You know how to function because you are always in this state of absolute panic for something that doesn’t exist, but when there is, you do just fine. You continue your daily life. What we can take from this, you may ask? The thing is to do nothing. It is like letting the storm pass. It will be hard, everything seems like it is in a black hole, but if you follow regulations such as washing your hands regularly, you will have a chance against this.


The black hole will revert, and push you back out from its gravitational stress. What I have learned from this world emergency is to never, ever, be afraid of the future, what will happen to you. Be the cause, not the effect.

With a perspective, I’m Annabelle Chao.

Annabelle Chao is an eighth grader at Rancho Milpitas Middle School in Milpitas, California.

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