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Work Voices 2 – Esther Amuyunzu, Medical Student

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Esther Amuyunzu is from Kenya and is in her second year as a medical student at UCSF in San Francisco. She describes how her mother, who was a nurse, inspired her interest in the medical field.

Esther explains the importance for students to have a clear vision and a plan once they enter community college, informed by an understanding of what will be involved in the medical training and the stepping stones along the way. It takes four years at undergraduate level and four years at medical school to become an MD – a medical doctor. The medical school training involves two years in a classroom setting and a third and fourth year working with patients using the knowledge gained in class to become an MD, followed by a three year residency. Further training is required to specialize in a particular area.


Esther describes what this journey takes in terms of commitment to learn for a long time, as well as the confidence to persevere and keep going. She also describes the enjoyment she drives from helping people.

This is the second interview in our series.

She is responding to questions such as:

  • What motivated you to choose this career path?
  • What does it involve to qualify – what will you need to do?
  • Would you recommend this career choice & what kind of person (with what qualities) would be a good fit?

Work Voices modules will be tested in ESL classrooms and adapted, based on student and instructor feedback.

Try this second interview with your students and feel free to comment below.

Meet Esther Amuyunzu – Second year medical student at UCSF
Note: There are five videos in this series although you can only see one player. The single player hosts all videos (thank you YouTube playlist). To access the other five videos, you must click play and then click on the monitor icon at the bottom of the player (it’s located next to cc button).

Download Educators’ Activities Here

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