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California Split Into Six States, an Interactive Map

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What would it look like if California was divided into six states? It’s a discussion that is not completely unheard of. Since California entered the United States in 1850, there have been several efforts to divide it, particularly from residents in far northern California who want to create a state called Jefferson. Recently, California’s Secretary of State gave permission to Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, to collect signatures for a proposed ballot initiative for the 2014 state ballot to divide California into six states. Check out KQED’s The Lowdown’s interactive map that explores what California would look like, along with statistics about each proposed state.

Map: If California Were Broken into Six States, This is What It’d Look Like Click on different points on the map below to see which counties would be part of each one of California’s six new states, as outlined in a new proposed ballot initiative.

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