How to Enhance Arts Exploration with PBS LearningMedia Resources

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In this educast explore how video clips found in PBS LearningMedia can strengthen and enhance arts exploration in the classroom.  In arts, media can be an effective tool for introducing large concepts, examining  aspects of the creative process and connecting students with artists while promoting critical viewing skills and media awareness. This video contains a small sampling of resources. Find more resources at by signing up for a free PBS LearningMedia account.

Introducing Large Concepts

Invisible Forces: Ned Kahn
The laws of nature that dictate the invisible forces in our everyday lives can be predicted and manipulated. Inthis video segment from Spark, meet a scientist and artist who uses wind, water and gravity to create art showing forces of nature.

Super Mario Brothers as Surrealist Art?
Idea Channel examines Super Mario Brothers in a new light: as a surrealist work of art.

Exploring Aspects of the Creative Process


Art School: In the Studio with Mike Shine
In this media gallery from Art School meet Bolinas artist Mike Shine and learn about his personal history as an artist, and his process for creating large-scale stencils.  Also get a primer on stencil-making.

Connecting Students with Artists

Stephen Kent: Music
Meet composer and musician Stephen Kent who has been playing the didgeridoo, a traditional aboriginal instrument, for more than 25 years.

Art School: Aisha Fukushima: "Raptivism"
Meet "Raptivist" Aisha Fukushima, who creates music that promotes social justice and travels the world, collaborating with a global network of hip hop artists.