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Who are the unelected changemakers of the Bay Area? What really goes down in city council meetings? And how do people make a lasting impact on the place we all call home?

The Bay podcast presents a limited-run series that looks into how democracy functions in the spaces around us – and where, exactly, each of us can plug in. Hear stories from people volunteering, campaigning, and pushing for change on a local and national level. Join the conversations in which some of our region’s biggest decisions get made. And connect the local stories we all experience, to the big picture.

Sandra Celedon smiles at the camera and behind her a sign that reads, "Fresno" is visible.

Want to Get a Measure on the Ballot? This Is How You Do It

Demonstrators march toward San Francisco City Hall on Sunday May 31, 2020 to protest the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Several groups marched to the Embarcadero, through Union Square and to the Hall of Justice, eventually converging and returning to City Hall.

How to Shift From Protest to Policy

A horizontal image that one one side features screen grabs of the zines 18MR have worked on, including 'Call on Me, Not the Cops,' and on the right side, three people are featured. Two of them have short hair and one has long hair. All are wearing dark or light blue colors. They are all looking at the camera.

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