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From 1990 to September 2013, This Week in Northern California was KQED's weekly current affairs program offering insightful, thought-provoking roundtable discussions and news analysis of the latest political topics. A searchable video archive of the program from Oct. 2009 - Sep. 2013 is available here including episode descriptions and program guests. Visit our new program, KQED NEWSROOM, our weekly news program on television, radio and online, featuring Thuy Vu and Scott Shafer.

Stories From This Week's Episode

August 23, 2013


Oakland Tries to Even the Odds for African American Boys

In a collaboration between KQED and the San Francisco Chronicle series Even Odds, we offer an in-depth look at the daunting challenges faced by African American males in Oakland, and the city's attempt to address them. Three years ago, the Oakland Unified School District faced an alarming statistic -- more than half of its African American boys would not graduate. The troubling dropout rate had many factors at play: poverty, crime, high suspension rates and rising absenteeism. The district responded by opening the Office of African American Male Achievement. Its mission is to improve academic outcomes for black boys by pairing them with black men. While race-based, community mentorship is not new, for a public school system it was controversial. The early results are encouraging, but it remains to be seen whether this novel approach will actually work.

SF Chronicle video profile of Tiago Robinson:


  • Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Tiago Robinson, Oakland High School
  • Pedro Noguera, New York University


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