Behind the LensBehind the Lens

Behind the Lens features bold California indie filmmakers pushing the boundaries of their craft. Each episode focuses on a documentary, narrative or animated film director, capturing the personal experiences that inform their films, and the risks they take to bring stories to the screen. Step behind the lens and follow the journeys of a new generation of storytellers.

Dec 21
Meet 10 Bold Indie Filmmakers: Behind the Lens Screening, Panel and Mixer
Dec 11
Music, Cars and Don't Forget the Hair: Eugene Kim's 'Cherry' Channels 90s Daly City
Dec 05
Scars Become Badges of Honor in Talibah Newman’s Children-Centered Films
Nov 13
Loners, Rappers, and Bankrobbers: Pete Lee Brings the Bay's Scrappiness to Life
Nov 07
Nijla Mu'min Brings a Black Muslim Coming-of-Age Story to the Big Screen
Oct 23
In ‘Rodents of Unusual Size,’ Truth is Stranger Than Fiction