KQED 9 Broadcast Schedule: The War - A Ken Burns Film

The War - Troops marching on roadThe War--A Ken Burns Film
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Episode 1
A Necessary War

December 1941-December 1942
After a haunting overview of the Second World War, an epoch of killing that engulfed the world from 1939 to 1945 and cost at least 50 million lives, the inhabitants of four towns -- Mobile, Alabama; Sacramento, California; Waterbury, Connecticut; and Luverne, Minnesota -- recall their communities on the eve of the conflict.
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Episode 2
When Things Get Tough

January 1943-December 1943
By January 1943, Americans have been at war for more than a year. The Germans, with their vast war machine, still occupy most of Western Europe, and the Allies have not yet been able to agree on a plan or a timetable to dislodge them.
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Episode 3
A Deadly Calling

November 1943-June 1944
In fall 1943, after almost two years of war, the American public is able to see for the first time the terrible toll the war is taking on its troops when Life publishes a photograph of the bodies of three GIs killed in action at Buna.
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Episode 4
Pride of Our Nation

June 1944-August 1944
By June 1944, there are signs on both sides of the world that the tide of the war is turning.
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Episode 5

September 1944-December 1944 By September 1944, in Europe at least, the Allies seem to be moving steadily toward victory. "Militarily," General Dwight Eisenhower's chief of staff tells the press, "this war is over." But in the coming months, on both sides of the world, a generation of young men will learn a lesson as old as war itself -- that generals make plans, plans go wrong and soldiers die.
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Episode Six
The Ghost Front

December 1944-March 1945
By December 1944, Americans have become weary of the war their young men have been fighting for three long years; the stream of newspaper headlines telling of new losses and telegrams bearing bad news from the War Department seem endless and unendurable.
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Episode Seven
A World Without War

March 1945-December 1945
In spring 1945, although the numbers of dead and wounded have more than doubled since D-Day, the people of Mobile, Sacramento, Waterbury and Luverne understand all too well that there will be more bad news from the battlefield before the war can end.
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KTEH 54 (Comcast 10) Broadcast Schedule: The War - A Ken Burns Film


The War View KTEH Schedule

Broadcast Schedule: KQED & KTEH Television Productions

The War: Bay Area Stories
Produced by KQED, this one-hour documentary tells the compelling wartime stories of veterans and citizens on the homefront in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco has always been a destination for diversity and this documentary will reveal the impact of World War II on the wide mosaic of communities that comprise our region.

Read an interview with Connie and Raymond Gomez, pictured above.
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The War: Nisei Soldiers
Produced by KTEH, this program tells the story of Japanese American veterans in the South Bay and Central Coast who fought valiantly for their country despite the internment of their families by the U.S. Government. This 30 minute documentary will illuminate their bravery and struggles and ask the question, who can be called an American?
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The War: Soldados
Produced by KTEH, this thirty-minute documentary tells the story of the Latino veterans of the South Bay and Central Coast. These brave young men, many of whom were farm workers, enlisted or were drafted into the US Armed Forces. Many felt the need to prove that they were patriotic and deserved the civil rights and liberties of all Americans. Their experiences overseas changed them and when they came home, they became involved in both social justice and community issues. Cesar Chavez, one of the veterans, helped found the United Farm Workers union. Spanish translation available on SAP.
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FAQ: Latino Stories from WWII
An estimated half-million Latino servicemen answered the country's call during WWII, but their stories have remained largely untold and obscure. Produced by KQED, this 30-minute program will explore this topic with a panel discussion and taped interviews that tell a sweeping story of immigration and patriotism, and a war that shaped homefront communities in decisive new ways. From prison cells in Berlin to the date fields of California's Coachella Valley, WWII changed a generation of American Latinos who developed a new vision for the future.
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