Upcoming Broadcasts:

Souvla, Zachary's Chicago Pizza, Sancho's Taqueria (#1424H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVY

Check, Please! Bay Area KIDS Special: Our first guest is a female fencer who loves the garlicky fries and spit-roasted meats at Souvla in San Jose. Next up, a 4H champ who shares her love for Chicago-style stuffed pies and creamy Caesars at Zachary's Chicago Pizza in Pleasant Hill. And finally, a Palo Alto swimmer who goes the distance for mega, build-your-own burritos at Sancho's Taqueria.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Sun, Jan 26, 2020 -- 1:00am
  • KQED 9: Sun, Jan 26, 2020 -- 1:00pm
  • KQED Plus: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Monsieur Benjamin, Aly's On Main and Hog Island (#1009H) Duration: 24:34 STEREO TVG

Our first visit is a Parisian-style bistro in San Francisco where the modern setting belies the traditional menu at Monsieur Benjamin. Next, a gathering spot for locals desiring a seasonal, contemporary menu at Aly's on Main in Redwood City. And finally, this bayside location with stunning views serves up the ultimate in fresh and local seafood at Hog Island Oyster Company in San Francisco's Ferry Building.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Mon, Jan 27, 2020 -- 1:00pm

Lers Ros, Sichuan Fortune House, Marinitas (#1316H) Duration: 25:49 STEREO TVG

Family recipes and traditional Thai ingredients balance the flavors of hot, sour, salty and sweet at our first spot - Lers Ros in San Francisco. Then the focal point shifts to the red chiles of China's central region in Pleasant Hill at Sichuan Fortune House. Finally we end with a menu focused on a Latin-American blend of lusciousness, along with a killer tequila list, at Marinitas Restaurant in San Anselmo.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Mon, Jan 27, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Tue, Jan 28, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me

The Hummingbird, Sumika and Orexi (#1101H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Our first stop is a charming Creole inspired spot where classic New Orleans dishes and fresh California ingredients come together for breakfast, lunch and brunch at The Hummingbird in Fairfax. Next, we venture to the South Bay for Japanese fare with steaming bowls of rice and noodles and modern plates of grilled morsels at Sumika in Los Altos. Lastly, it's the Mediterranean island flavors of Greece, served up in a contemporary version of the traditional taverna that tempt us at Orexi Restaurant in San Francisco.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Wed, Jan 29, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me
  • KQED Plus: Sat, Feb 1, 2020 -- 3:00pm Remind me

To Bang Korean BBQ, Tina's Place and Hopscotch (#1102H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Find spicy kimchee, plentiful banchan and meats grilled tableside at this casual South Bay eatery, To Bang Korean BBQ in Santa Clara. Then find great value, full plates and friendly service in Pinole at Tina's Place. Finally, its hip decor, craft cocktails and American food, with a touch Japanese influence, at Hopscotch in Oakland.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Jan 30, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

The Little Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant, Dragon Rouge Restaurant, Aslam's Rasoi (#1317H) Duration: 24:33 STEREO TVG

We start with a taste of Mexico at a crowd-pleasing eatery using local ingredients at The Little Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. Then cross the Bay Bridge to an Alameda haven, where the patio, water views, and family recipes made contemporary, join plentiful cocktails at Dragon Rouge Restaurant. Our last stop takes us back to San Francisco to a long-established, family-owned spot in the Mission; find fragrant spiced flavors from India at Aslam's Rasoi.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Thu, Jan 30, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Fri, Jan 31, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 1, 2020 -- 9:00am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 1, 2020 -- 12:00pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 1, 2020 -- 7:00pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sun, Feb 2, 2020 -- 1:00am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sun, Feb 2, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Zareen's, Park Burger, Tu Mero Mole (#1323H) Duration: 26:08 STEREO TVY

Check, Please! Bay Area KIDS Special: Up first, a water polo player who loves spicy food and finds it as often as possible at Zareen's Palo Alto, a bustling spot offering contemporary Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Next it's a gal with a sweet tooth, who can't get enough of the rich frosty shakes at Oakland's Park Burger. Finally, a young hockey fanatic who always says"si" to authentic Pueblan specialties at San Jose's Tu Mero Mole.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Fri, Jan 31, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Sessions at The Presidio, Doppio Zero Pizzeria Napoletana and Waterbar (#1103H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

The stresses of the day are quenched away with refreshing beers, contemporary comfort food and warm atmosphere at Sessions in The Presidio in San Francisco. In Mountain View, you'll find authentic Neopolitan pizza, Southern Italian cuisine and a trendy, energetic vibe at Doppio Zero Pizzeria Napoletana. Finally, take a trip to San Francisco's Embarcadero waterfront for breathtaking views, eye-popping architecture, market-fresh oysters and gourmet seafood at Waterbar.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Mon, Feb 3, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Scolari's Good Eats, Le Garage, La Mar (#1318H) Duration: 23:48 STEREO TVG

We begin in Alameda at a place that's known for its generous helpings of classic comfort food at Scolari's Good Eats. Next, we park in Sausalito at a converted auto shop turned industrial-chic French bistro called Le Garage. Finally, it's back to the city for a restaurant that offers sweeping views of the Bay and fresh, unique Peruvian flavors at La Mar.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Mon, Feb 3, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Tue, Feb 4, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me

Duende, The Dark Horse Inn and Morimoto Napa (#1104H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Kinetic energy, cutting-edge cocktails, wine, sherry, paella and more make Duende the Spanish influenced, contemporary hotspot in downtown Oakland. Next, a family-friendly gastro-pub specializing in unique beers, hearty grub and a welcoming neighborhood vibe at The Dark Horse Inn in San Francisco. And lastly, for a modern upscale decor, spot-on service and a rock star chef who creates contemporary California-inspired Japanese cuisine, we visit Morimoto Napa.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Tue, Feb 4, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Gasthaus Leopold's, Tamarine Restaurant and Gallery, Sushi Rapture (#1105H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Bootfuls of beer, Weinerschnitzel, and Austrian hospitality are featured at a boisterous San Francisco neighborhood spot called Gasthaus Leopold's. And modern Vietnamese cuisine that pleases both the eye and the palate is found at Tamarine Restaurant and Gallery in Palo Alto. Lastly the cable car rumbles past a cozy Japanese eatery where sashimi, nigiri and sushi shine, on San Francisco's Nob Hill at Sushi Rapture.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Wed, Feb 5, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me
  • KQED Plus: Sat, Feb 8, 2020 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Flatiron, Shakewell, Firenze By Night (#1106H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Comfort food meets sports-bar-chic at this family-friendly neighborhood spot in San Rafael, called Flatiron. Next, Mediterranean flavors, complex cocktails and a warm welcome are served up in a contemporary setting at Oakland's Shakewell. Finally, old school, Italian fare combines with old world "familia" charm in a classic North Beach eatery called Firenze by Night...

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Feb 6, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Marnee Thai Restaurant, The Cook and Her Farmer, Ristorante Milano (#1319H) Duration: 25:38 STEREO TVG

First, we visit Marnee Thai Restaurant in San Francisco's Inner Sunset neighborhood for the perfect combination of authentic Thai street food and sit-down dishes. Our next hotspot is The Cook and Her Farmer, located in the Swan's Marketplace district of Oakland, where local ingredients shine and community-centric cooking is the focus. Finally we end with Ristorante Milano, a cozy eatery in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco, serving up classic Northern Italian fare.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Thu, Feb 6, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 8, 2020 -- 12:00pm Remind me

Antipastos, The Veg Hub, Coco's Ramen (#1324H) Duration: 26:08 STEREO TVY

Check, Please! Bay Area KIDS Special: Our first guest is a teen who's been chowing down on the homey Italian fare at Antipastos in San Jose ever since he was a bambino. Next up, an ultimate frisbee champ who shares his love for The Veg Hub, a fast- casual spot offering healthy, hearty vegan dishes in Oakland. Can't decide between a steaming bowl of ramen or a sushi roll instead? Well an avid young baker thinks she's found the perfect solution at Coco's Ramen, a cozy Japanese restaurant in San Francisco that offers the best of both worlds.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Fri, Feb 7, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Backdoor Bistro and Wine Bar, Kingdom of Dumpling, John Ash and Co. Restaurant (#1107H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Local chef, born and bred in the East Bay, sources local farm fresh ingredients for her California-casual spot at Backdoor Bistro & Wine Bar in Vacaville. Then a San Francisco hole-in-the-wall eatery serves-up tongue-burning, steaming-morsels at Kingdom of Dumpling. Finally, elegant, sophisticated and seasonal wine country cuisine excels at John Ash & Co. Restaurant in Santa Rosa.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Mon, Feb 10, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Maykadeh Restaurant, 1601 Bar & Kitchen, Poesia (#1320H) Duration: 25:49 STEREO TVG

Three San Francisco dining spots take center stage this time... starting with Maykadeh Restaurant, where warm greetings, fragrant aromas, and delicate Persian spices combine. Next, enter into the minimalist, trendy and upscale digs of 1601 Bar & Kitchen, where Sri Lankan flavor meets traditional French technique. Finally, climb the stairs up to the cozy Italian dining room at Poesia, where handmade pasta, poetry and romance is the name of the game.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Mon, Feb 10, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Tue, Feb 11, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me

El Mono | Fresh Flavors of Peru, Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine, The Table (#1109H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Flavorful, fresh, authentic ingredients combine to create traditional dishes at El Mono | Fresh Flavors of Peru in El Cerrito. Attentive service and a modern vibe set the stage for the aromatic seasonings from India, China and Thailand that unite at Rangoon Ruby Burmese Cuisine in San Carlos. A menu reflecting the new cultures of American cooking, hand-crafted cocktails, and casual-considerate service all come together at The Table in San Jose.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Tue, Feb 11, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Bridges, Blue Line Pizza, Postino (#1112H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Dine on Cal Cuisine at the place where Mrs. Doubtfire ate, in the heart of Danville at Bridges Restaurant and Bar. Then tuck into Chicago-style deep dish pizza with a side of beer or cocktails in San Carlos at Blue Line Pizza. Lastly, rustic comfort food with an Italian twist is discovered in a beautiful Lafayette hillside setting at Postino. .

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Wed, Feb 12, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Whipper Snapper, Trabocco, Gaumenkitzel (#1113H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

We begin in the North Bay with Cal-fresh ingredients turned into Caribbean flavors at Whipper Snapper Restaurant in San Rafael. Next, we find a contemporary spot offering traditional Italian fare hidden in plain sight in an Alameda shopping mall at Trabocco Kitchen and Cocktails. Finally, find made from-scratch modern German fare along with the largest selection of German beers in the East Bay in Berkeley at Gaumenkitzel German Restaurant, Beer and Wine Bar.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Feb 13, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Franchettis', Aburaya, Locanda Osteria & Bar (#1401H) Duration: 25:49 STEREO TVG

We start in Santa Rosa, where we celebrate the bounty of the North Bay at Franchettis', a casual eatery that marries the Italian passion and German traditions of its two owners. Then it's off to Oakland for juicy, umami-laden chicken at punk-rock-influenced Aburaya, a restaurant serving Japanese fried-chicken that's to die for. And finally we'll take you to a spot in San Francisco that's very romantic, a place for blind dates...or even wedding receptions; it's a Mission-district Italian eatery called Locanda Osteria & Bar.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Thu, Feb 13, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Fri, Feb 14, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 15, 2020 -- 12:00pm Remind me

Vegetarian House, Gracias Madre, Madras Cafe (#1114H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Vegetarians rejoice! The first Check, Please! Bay Area all-vegetarian show! Beginning in San Jose with international vegetarian selections delivered under the watchful eye of the supreme master at Vegetarian House. Next, fresh, organic ingredients meld together in Mexican vegan dishes at San Francisco's Gracias Madre. Finally, complex spices produce tantalizing aromas from the South Indian vegetarian spot in Sunnyvale, called Madras Cafe.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Fri, Feb 14, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Jason's, Clove & Hoof Butchery, Dragon Beaux (#1115H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

There's an Asian twist to the Cal-Ital dishes at our first stop, Jason's Restaurant in Greenbrae. Then, it's all about locally-sourced, responsibly-raised meat in Oakland at Clove & Hoof Butchery and Restaurant. Finally, a spacious eatery serving steaming dim sum at lunch and sizzling hot pot at dinner, in San Francisco at Dragon Beaux.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Mon, Feb 17, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Dad's Luncheonette, Marzano, East Bay Spice Company (#1402H) Duration: 25:47 STEREO TVG

Housed in a red caboose in Half Moon Bay and helmed by a Michelin-starred chef, Dad's Luncheonette features a small menu with a large heart. Then we're off to a neighborhood destination in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland, a cozy spot named after Italy's most famous tomato, Marzano. Finally we end in Berkeley at East Bay Spice Company, a college-town bar with intriguing cocktails, hot Indian food, and a cool vibe.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Mon, Feb 17, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Tue, Feb 18, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me

Marche Aux Fleurs, Peasant & The Pear, Copita.... (#1119H) Duration: 24:56 STEREO TVG

We're stepping outside the city to rediscover the Bay Area, starting in Marin for pastoral tranquility reminiscent of Provence at Marche aux Fleurs. Then it's a quick jaunt to Danville for creative rustic dishes at The Peasant & The Pear. Finally, we return to Marin, to Sausalito, where contemporary flavors from Mexico, a choice tequila selection and a party atmosphere can be found at Copita Tequileria y Comida.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Tue, Feb 18, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Cafe Borrone, Yellow Submarine, Morning Due Cafe (#1120H) Duration: 22:48 STEREO TVG

This time we're ready to take on the Bay Area's rich and abundant cafe culture. First, we visit Menlo Park where savory Italian cuisine and some of the best desserts around are found at Cafe Borrone. Next, we head to San Francisco to a place named after a Beatles tune and where Mom works in the kitchen alongside her sons at The Yellow Submarine. Lastly, still in San Francisco, we visit a small neighborhood establishment that serves up Mediterranean fare all day long at Morning Due Cafe.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Wed, Feb 19, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Myriad Gastropub, Squeeze Inn Hamburgers, Terzo (#1201H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Globally inspired food and drink is offered at our first stop in the SF Mission district at a spot called Myriad Gastropub. And nothing says USA like a good, juicy burger blanketed in cheese in Napa at Squeeze Inn Hamburgers. Lastly, Mediterranean flavors, seasonal ingredients and a well-selected wine list make this a cozy SF spot at Terzo.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Feb 20, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Madcap, El Toreador, Juanita & Maude (#1403H) Duration: 25:49 STEREO TVG

Our first eatery features a market-driven menu created by a world-class chef; Madcap is an intimate spot in San Anselmo named to represent the frenzied atmosphere of a professional kitchen. With authentic Mexican fare and a festive feel, El Toreador is so colorful and vibrant, you almost need sunglasses when you walk in the door of this San Francisco spot. Our final pick is an East Bay eatery named for the chef's mother and grandmother. Juanita and Maude draws diners from all over the Bay Area to this Albany neighborhood favorite.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Thu, Feb 20, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Fri, Feb 21, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 22, 2020 -- 12:00pm Remind me

Gold Mirror Italian Restaurant, The Plumed Horse Restaurant, NIDO (#1202H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Nostalgia abounds at the old-school Italian mainstay Gold Mirror Italian Restaurant in San Francisco. In contrast, a trip to the South Bay supplies a modern twist with sumptuous bites, a huge wine list and amazing service at The Plumed Horse Restaurant. Finally, unwind at a modern cantina with elevated contemporary Mexican cooking at NIDO in Oakland.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Fri, Feb 21, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Farmhouse Kitchen, OVO Tavern & Eatery, Anatolian Kitchen (#1203H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Whimsical Thai decor juxtaposes the hip take on flavorful Northern Thai street food at Farmhouse Kitchen in San Francisco. Next, take a load off at the lively neighborhood sports bar called OVO Tavern and Eatery in Oakland. Finally, experience Kurdish culture, cuisine and wine in Palo Alto at Anatolian Kitchen.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Mon, Feb 24, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Z & Y Restaurant, Pausa, Souley Vegan (#1404H) Duration: 25:50 STEREO TVG

We begin with Z & Y Restaurant, one of the hottest Sichuan restaurants in San Francisco, known for catering to tourists, locals, presidents, and foreign ministers alike. Our next eatery is in San Mateo and designed with leisure in mind, so turn off your phone and leave your laptop at home when you dine at Pausa. Our final pick, serves stick-to-your-ribs-hearty-fare with southern hospitality. You'll be impressed with their meatless menu when you taste the Louisiana-creole-style vegan soul food they offer at Souley Vegan.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Mon, Feb 24, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Tue, Feb 25, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me

The Tadich Grill, Slow Hand BBQ, Tay Ho Oakland Restaurant & Bar (#1204H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

With a history as storied as The Tadich Grill in San Francisco, it's hard to resist the classic fish menu... unless you want a steak! But nothing says American cuisine like down-home BBQ and we visit Pleasant Hill and Slow Hand BBQ. Our last stop takes us to Oakland, where Vietnamese street food and handmade rice paper rolls are served at Tay Ho Oakland Restaurant & Bar.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Tue, Feb 25, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Miss Ollie's, Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant, Bar Crudo (#1205H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

We meet a chef inspired by her childhood in Barbados who serves up Caribbean flavors at Miss Ollie's in Oakland. Next, we step into a fairytale fit for the Brothers Grimm with Eastern European furnishings, fixtures and flavors at Mama Papa Lithuania Restaurant in Alameda. Lastly, we lighten things up and end with bright, clean flavors fresh from the ocean at Bar Crudo in San Francisco.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Wed, Feb 26, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Jannah-Baghdad by the Bay, Kin Khao, El Aguila Mexican Cuisine (#1206H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Stop at a hidden gem and experience flavors from Arabian nights and desert sands at an Iraqi spot called Jannah - Baghdad by the Bay in San Francisco. Next, we stay in the city to taste the fiery Thai home-style cooking at Kin Khao. Finally, it's time to visit a Pleasant Hill strip mall where farm-to-table freshness joins Southern Mexican sauces and stews at El Aguila Mexican Cuisine.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Thu, Feb 27, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me

Thirsty Bear Brewing, Nick's Cove, Middle East Market (#1405H) Duration: 25:49 STEREO TVG

This week we start off at Thirsty Bear Brewing Company, a San Francisco brewery known for craft beers, small plates and flamenco dancing. Next we travel to Nick's Cove in Marshall, a historic waterside retreat serving up fresh seafood and locally grown produce. Our final pick is Middle East Market in Berkeley, where you can not only dine in at the Persian cafe, but if inspired, buy the ingredients and make the meal yourself at home.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Thu, Feb 27, 2020 -- 7:30pm Remind me
  • KQED 9: Fri, Feb 28, 2020 -- 1:30am Remind me
  • KQED 9: Sat, Feb 29, 2020 -- 12:00pm Remind me

Monkey King Pub and Grub, Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, Grand Lake Kitchen (#1207H) Duration: 25:48 STEREO TVG

Named after the whimsical and mischievous Chinese superhero, Monkey King Pub and Grub offers Asian fusion dishes in Alameda. Then, the local, farm-to-table menu reaches new levels at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch in St. Helena. Finally, we stop by the upscale diner- deli combination at Grand Lake Kitchen in Oakland.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Plus: Fri, Feb 28, 2020 -- 1:00pm Remind me
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