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June 28, 2013 (Episode #2435H)

KQED 9: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 -- 7:30 PM

Guest Host: Scott Shafer.
News Panel:
GAY MARRIAGE VICTORIES - Gay rights advocates celebrated historic victories this week when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and also upheld a lower court ruling finding California's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. The two rulings will have major legal ramifications at both the federal and state level. What do the court's decisions mean and when will gay couples be allowed to legally marry in California? Also, how do the SCOTUS rulings on affirmative action and voting rights impact California?
PRESIDENT OBAMA'S CLIMATE PLAN - President Obama this week called for sweeping executive action to combat the effects of climate change before a cheering crowd of environmentalists in Washington, D.C. One major proposal is modeled after California's ambitious climate change goals and pushes for a national cap-and-trade bill. Other initiatives include eliminating tax loopholes for big oil and creating policies that address the impact of severe weather.
POSSIBLE BART STRIKE - Members of BART's two largest unions have voted to authorize a strike which could result in transit chaos for thousands of commuters as early as next Monday. Fears are building that train operators, station agents and maintenance workers could walk off the job if a deal is not reached by Sunday. Negotiations between the union and BART management have broken down over wages, health and retirement benefits, and safety issues.
Guests: Vik Amar, UC Davis School of Law; Paul Rogers, SJ Mercury News; Michael Cabanatuan, SF Chronicle.
Please Note: This Week In Northern California will not air the weekend beginning July 5th. It returns Friday 7/12.

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June 21, 2013 (Episode #2434H)

KQED 9: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 -- 7:30 PM

Guest Host: Dana King.
News Panel:
OPEN RECORDS BATTLE - A move by Gov. Brown to weaken the California Public Records Act set off a heated controversy among journalists and open government advocates this week, followed by back-peddling from top state Democrats. At the core of the debate is whether the state or local governments should foot the bill for requests for government records.
SAN CLEMENTE DAM REMOVAL - In what will be the largest dam removal project ever undertaken in California, officials have agreed to tear down the 106-foot-tall San Clemente Dam in Monterey County. The reservoir it holds is now 95 percent silted up and the obsolete dam has been declared seismically unsafe. The removal of the dam will also be good for endangered steelhead trout, which for decades have been blocked from their traditional spawning grounds by the enormous barrier on the Carmel River.
SAN JOSE SUES MLB - The Oakland A's are itching to relocate from their longtime home at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum to a new proposed stadium in downtown San Jose. But Major League Baseball has thus far blocked the move, claiming the San Francisco Giants hold the territorial rights to the South Bay. This week the city of San Jose sued Major League Baseball, challenging the geographic rights in order to allow the A's to make the move south.
Guests: Josh Richman, Bay Area News Group; Mark Purdy, San Jose Mercury News; and Paul Rogers, SJ Mercury News.
INTERVIEW WITH CONGRESSMAN JARED HUFFMAN - Huffman, a Marin County Democrat, is a cosponsor of the Student Loan Relief Act (HR1595). If Congress doesn't act before July 1, federally subsidized loans are set to double from the current historically low rate of 3.4% to 6.8%. With nearly half of California college students borrowing money to go to school, the hike would mean thousands of dollars more of debt. We hear from Congressman Huffman on efforts being made to freeze the rate.

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June 14, 2013 (Episode #2433)

KQED 9: Fri, Jun 14, 2013 -- 7:30 PM

Guest Host: Dana King.
News Panel:
STATE BUDGET DEAL - Gov. Jerry Brown and top Democrats in the legislature reached a $96.4 billion budget deal this week, putting them on track to meet the June 15 deadline. The compromise plan embraces the governor's cautious revenue outlook, and gives more money to schools with higher numbers of low income students and English learners. It also includes some additional spending on mental health and dental services for the poor, with a commitment to increased funding in the future for social services.
SCOTUS ON GENE PATENTING - The US Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that companies cannot patent naturally occurring human genes, sending ripples through the medical and biotechnology industries. With billions of dollars on the line, some companies might abandon work on genetic research if they are unable protect it through patents. But it could also encourage more research and competition, opening the door to new discoveries.
SAN ONOFRE CLOSURE - While California pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the San Onofre nuclear plant in Southern California is closing. Some environmentalists and policy makers who are concerned about global warming have come to embrace nuclear power, which, unlike natural gas or coal powered energy plants, does not emit carbon into the atmosphere. What will the end of nuclear power mean for growing energy demand and how will the state offset the increased pollution caused by fossil fuel generated power?
Guests: Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee; Lauren Sommer, KQED Science; and David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle.
DANIEL ELLSBERG ON THE NSA LEAKS - Members of Congress, including California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, say Edward Snowden is a traitor who should be prosecuted for revealing classified information about the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance programs. Calling him a modern-day Daniel Ellsberg, supporters around the world are taking to the streets in defense of Snowden. Ellsberg himself, whose infamous leak of the Pentagon Papers led to public outrage over the Vietnam War, says Snowden's disclosures are the most important in US history. Daniel Ellsberg joins guest host Dana King in studio for a conversation about domestic surveillance and the debate over espionage vs. whistle-blowing.

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June 7, 2013 (Episode #2432)

KQED Life: Fri, Jun 7, 2013 -- 7:30 PM

Guest Host: Thuy Vu.
News Panel:
OBAMACARE - President Obama visits Silicon Valley this week during a fundraising swing through the state. Mr. Obama gives a speech in San Jose on Friday to shore up concerns about the Affordable Care Act as the health-care overhaul rolls out in California, ahead of the rest of the nation. KQED's Obamacare Explained: A Guide for Californians provides some answers for consumers.
CYBERSPYING AND CHINA - Cyber-security will be high on the agenda this week when Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with US President Barack Obama in California. At stake is whether American businesses, and especially Silicon Valley companies like Apple and Google, can protect themselves from hackers snooping for corporate secrets or intellectual property.
PHONE SURVEILLANCE - A leaked top secret court order reveals that the phone records of millions of US citizens are being collected in bulk by the National Security Administration. The order, first reported by the Guardian, requires the telecommunications giant Verizon to turn over information about all telephone calls in its system during a 3 month period. Top leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee are defending the practice, saying the widespread monitoring effort has been ongoing for several years.
Guests: Lisa Aliferis, KQED State of Health; Joseph Menn, Reuters; and Troy Wolverton, San Jose Mercury News.
REBELS WITH A CAUSE - Bay Area husband and wife team Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto talk about their latest film "Rebels With A Cause." The documentary spotlights ordinary citizens who fought to preserve open space in what are now the Point Reyes National Seashore and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. "Rebels With A Cause" is currently playing in Bay Area theaters.

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May 31, 2013 (Episode #2431H)

KQED Plus: Sat, Jun 1, 2013 -- 12:30 AM

Guest Host: Thuy Vu
News Panel:
BUDGET TALKS - As the June 15 state budget deadline approaches, Governor Jerry Brown and lawmakers are split over what to do with unexpected revenue. Brown wants a general fund cushion, while his fellow Democrats are vying to restore cuts to social programs. California's new fiscal year begins July 1.
BAY BRIDGE IN LIMBO - Officials now have until July 10 to determine whether the Bay Bridge will make its scheduled Labor Day weekend opening. Questions remain over how to repair broken rods on the new eastern span, while Governor Brown has called for a system-wide review of Caltrans.
AMERICA'S CUP SAFETY - Is the America's Cup too dangerous? After sailor Andrew "Bart" Simpson died during a practice run with his team, Sweden's Artemis Racing, new safety regulations aim to prevent and address capsizes. For now, it is unclear which teams will race in the upcoming high-stakes competition.
Guests: Scott Detrow, KQED; Tom Vacar, KTVU; Julian Guthrie, San Francisco Chronicle.
SFMOMA EXPANSION PLANS - The SFMOMA will close its doors on June 3 to begin construction on a 225,000 square feet expansion. During that time, the museum will experiment with new ways to bring art to its audience with traveling exhibitions, collaborations and site-specific projects. A special Countdown Celebration will mark the current building's final four days, with free admission to special activities and performances. SFMOMA director Neal Benezra talks to Scott Shafer about the 78-year-old institution's ambitious plans.

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