KQED 2020 California Proposition Guide On Alexa

Say “Alexa, open KQED 2020,” then ask about any state proposition.

You can search by proposition number or a brief description.

"Tell me about proposition 22?"
“What’s the prop about stem cell research?”
“Is there a privacy measure?”

Then ask "What does a yes or no vote mean?"

You can ask for “related news” to hear other KQED stories about the proposition. The guide also gives you important dates to remember and tips on how to successfully cast your ballot.

The 2020 California Proposition Guide is an interactive guide created by KQED to help you better understand California’s 12 state propositions. Hear from KQED reporters on the propositions that matter most to you. Listen to an overview of any state proposition by asking for it by number or even brief description. You can also learn more by asking, “What does a yes or no vote mean? Who supports or opposes this proposition?” You can also hear important dates, listen to previews of Bay Curious' Prop Fest and learn about ways to vote in the upcoming election.

Reporters included in KQED 2020 California Proposition Guide on Alexa:

  • Science reporter Danielle Venton (Prop. 14)
  • Politics editor Scott Shafer (Prop. 15)
  • Politics reporter Katie Orr (Prop. 16)
  • Politics reporter and producer Guy Marzorati (Prop. 17, 18)
  • Reporter and producer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez (Prop. 19, 21)
  • Politics correspondent Marisa Lagos (Prop. 20, 25)
  • Reporter Sam Harnett (Prop. 22)
  • Health correspondent April Dembosky (Prop. 23)
  • Silicon Valley Senior Editor Rachael Myrow (Prop. 24)

Open the KQED proposition guide on your Alexa device or just set a reminder for later. You can tell your device at anytime to "Open KQED 2020."