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Good Read: Diane Ravitch Asks 'Which Vision of Technology Will Prevail?'

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Diane Ravitch, a well-known, but often controversial voice in education, raises concerns in this article about how technology could be used in education. The former Assistant Secretary of Education acknowledges that in the hands of competent teachers technology can be a powerful aide to learning, but she cautions against policies that don't consider the associated risks.

She writes: "Here is the conundrum: teachers see technology as a tool to inspire student learning; entrepreneurs see it as a way to standardize teaching, to replace teachers, to make money and to market new products. Which vision will prevail?"

See Inside Technology can inspire creativity or dehumanize learning Technology is transforming American education, for good and for ill. The good comes from the ingenious ways that teachers encourage their students to engage in science projects, learn about history by seeing the events for themselves and explore their own ideas on the Internet.

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