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As California continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, KQED is committed to providing resources and information to help support communities in our region. We will continue to report on issues of health, policy and the economy of the Bay Area and beyond. 

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County-by-County Data: Where are the California hotspots?

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Health care workers in a hospital room.

U.S. Hospitals Are Desperate for More Nurses, But Nursing Schools Are Struggling to Meet Demand

A finger and thumb hold up a purple-capped Pfizer vaccine vial.

FDA Closer to Approving Pfizer Vaccine for Young Kids

A man wearing a T-shirt, pants tucked into knee-high boots, and a hairnet walks across a parking lot toward a long, gray building.

'There Is Anger. He Should Be Alive.' An Investigation Into Deadly COVID-19 Outbreaks at Foster Farms

A woman in a blue top and shorts lies upside-down on a couch and the floor, her hips and leg on the couch and her shoulders and head on the ground.

How the Yoga Industry Is Decentering Whiteness

A masked woman, blurred in the background, inserts a needle into a vial of the Pfizer COVID vaccine, in sharp focus in the foreground.

Where Can I Get a Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer COVID Booster Shot Near Me? 

A man in blue scrubs, a mask, and blue gloves gives a man in a black T-shirt and baseball cap a shot in his upper arm beneath a tent outdoors amid trees.

CDC Backs Rollout of COVID Vaccine Boosters from Moderna and J&J

Cartoon: An In-N-Out "double-double" burger, an "animal style" burger and a "Trump style" In-N-Out spokesperson raging about the SF vaccine mandate.

Would You Like Fries With Your Rage?

A man with a face mask, purple gloves and blue short-sleeved scrubs fills a hypodermic needle from a vial.

One Step Closer: FDA Authorizes Moderna and J&J COVID Vaccine Boosters, With Expected CDC Review Thursday

Cartoon: "Officer No-Vax takes it to its logical conclusion." A man in a police hat dressed in circus-type gear and holding a cat on a leash says, "look, they can't tell me what to do with my body...or what kind of police dog I can have..."

Cracks in the Chain of Command