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As California continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, KQED is committed to providing resources and information to help support communities in our region. We will continue to report on issues of health, policy and the economy of the Bay Area and beyond. 

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County-by-County Data: Where are the California hotspots?

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Cartoon: an anti-vaccine parent with anti-vax signs and phony covid cures stands next to his child. An arrow pointing at the child reads, "personal belief exemption." The arrow pointing at the shrunken brain of the parent reads, "parenting skills exemption."

Nothing Personal ...

A sign in front of a parking lot that says "HEROES WORK HERE."

COVID-Positive Employees at Some California Nursing Homes Continue to Work Amid Critical Staffing Shortages

A black guide dog leads a woman with a face mask down a sidewalk.

'Risk No Matter Where I Go': For Many Disabled People, a Future of Ever-Present COVID Is Daunting

Teenage girl wearing mask looks toward camera, with sign reading Richmond High School in background

'Shouldn't Have to Make This Decision': Thousands of Contra Costa Students Stay Home, Citing Omicron Fears

COVID-19 | Judge LaDoris Cordell | This Week in California

Joe Rogan, headphones on, sits behind a desk, making a goofy face for the camera.

What the Joe Rogan Podcast Controversy Says About Online Misinformation

A hand holds an at-home COVID test, while another person's hand points to the test.

Some People Say They Felt 'Ashamed' to Get COVID. Did You?

Two seated, masked women - a nurse and patient - talk in sunlit foreground as another masked woman stands in the background

Community COVID Clinics Fill Crucial Need in Underserved Communities — But Are Strapped for Resources

Parents and caregivers of young kids say they've hit pandemic rock bottom