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As California continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, KQED is committed to providing resources and information to help support communities in our region. We will continue to report on issues of health, policy and the economy of the Bay Area and beyond. 

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County-by-County Data: Where are the California hotspots?

Have you lost a loved one to COVID-19? Share their story in our online memorial.

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A protester rallying against the covid vaccine and mask mandates drapes a flag behind her that reads "My Body, My Choice"

'My Body, My Choice': How Vaccine Foes Co-Opted the Abortion-Rights Rallying Cry

Illustration of children going to school during COVID.

6 things we've learned about how the pandemic disrupted learning

Students raising hand in classroom

We asked teachers how their year went. They warned of an exodus to come

In this photo, travelers pass a sign for COVID-19 testing at Logan Airport in Boston. The Biden administration is lifting its requirement for COVID testing before flying to the U.S.

Starting on Sunday, You Won't Have to Test For COVID-19 to Fly Into the U.S.

A box of the COVID antiviral drug Paxlovid, held up by two hands presumably belonging to a health care worker, because they're wearing blue scrubs. The box says "PAXLOVID 150 mg + 100 mg film-coated tablets".

If You Get COVID, Should You Try to Get Paxlovid? Here's How (With or Without Health Insurance)

A man wearing a white plastic suit and gloves, with a surgical mask under a plastic face shield affixed with a blue headband, points a swap into the throat of a second person, with short black hair and a black face mask, pulled to their chin.

Where to Find a COVID Test Near You in the Bay Area

4 high school students talk mental health and how the pandemic changed them

A seated woman gets a COVID test via swab from a gowned practitioner

Bay Area Health Officials Urge Residents to Mask Up Indoors (Again) as COVID Cases Rise

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