NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured out-of-this-world photos of Neptune and its rings.

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Yellow light outlines the pagoda shapes of a tall tower against a vivid blue sky. Behind the tower is a huge supermoon in pink and purple.

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Five moons move from lower right to upper left, showing the progression of a total lunar eclipse. The first moon is one-half dark gray, with a black bite taken out of the left side, as the moon moves toward Earth's shadow. In the second phase, there's a sliver of bright sunlight on the lower right side of the moon, while most of the moon is dark with a slightly reddish cast. In the third phase, the moon is fully in Earth's shadow and covered in a red/orange light. In the fourth phase, the moon is moving out of Earth's shadow and is dark grey with a reddish cast and pale grey on the right side. In the fifth and final phase, there's a dark shadow on the right quarter of the moon, while the rest is white and grey.

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A pale white and grey crescent moon hangs against a black background. There are craters and pock marks on the sliver of moon.

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Day to night timelapse timeslice San Franciso panorama with full moon

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A super blue blood moon rises on the right side of the image, above the landscape of Pinnacles National Park. The image is full of pinkish and blueish tones of the dusk sky.

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