Weekend Edition Sunday
Weekend Edition Sunday

Weekend Edition Sunday features interviews with newsmakers, artists, scientists, politicians, musicians, writers, theologians and historians. The program has covered news events from Nelson Mandela's 1990 release from a South African prison to the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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President Trump Says Places Of Worship Should Reopen. Do Faith Leaders Agree?

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews about President's Trump's demand that states consider houses of worship essential and allow them to hold services.
5 min

Sunday Puzzle: Categories Of Categories

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and puzzlemaster Will Shortz play the puzzle this week with listener Bill Tighe of Redondo Beach, Calif.
1 min

As Americans Observe Memorial Day, The U.S Inches Towards A Grim COVID-19 Milestone

The U.S. is likely to see its 100,000th death this Memorial Day. It's a staggering, incomprehensible number – more than the nation lost in the Vietnam and Korean wars combined.
3 min

The Coronavirus Pandemic Canceled His Concerts. This Is The Song That Helps Him Cope

Peter Russell of Washington, D.C., shares the song that's helping him get through these times, Franz Schubert's 'An Die Musik.'
8 min

New York Doctor Shares Inside Look At Caring For End-Of-Life COVID-19 Patients

Craig Blinderman is a palliative care doctor at New York City. He shares his audio diary and talks with NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about caring for dying coronavirus patients.
1 min

Businesses Adapt To Delivery Demand By Hiring Cuddly Couriers

As demand for deliveries continues to grow during the coronavirus outbreak, businesses are getting creative by turning to the animal kingdom.
3 min

COVID-19 Threatens Indigenous People Of The Amazon

A remote Amazon town of mostly indigenous Brazilians is struggling to protect its population as the coronavirus spreads through the forest.
4 min

Week In Politics: The COVID-19 Pandemic And The State Of The Presidential Race

NPR's Lulu Garcia Navarro discusses the week at the White House and in the Joe Biden campaign with NPR's Domenico Montanaro.