Weekend Edition Saturday
Weekend Edition Saturday

Weekend Edition Saturday wraps up the week's news and offers a mix of analysis and features on a wide range of topics, including arts, sports, entertainment, and human interest stories. The two-hour program is hosted by NPR's Peabody Award-winning Scott Simon.

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3 min

The Pfizer Booster Shot Is Only Being Recommended For People 65 And Over

A Food and Drug Administration panel voted against giving most Americans a third Pfizer vaccine despite President Biden's plan to provide a COVID-19 booster to anyone over the age of 16.
3 min

An All-Civilian Crew Has Spent Three Days In Space. Are They Astronauts Now?

The four people on the Inspiration4 space mission are set to splash down this weekend off Florida. Should the all-civilian crew be considered astronauts?
6 min

'Blue Bayou' Follows Antonio, Adopted From Overseas But Not Made A U.S. Citizen

Scott Simon talks to Justin Chon about his new movie, "Blue Bayou," which he wrote, stars and directs.
5 min

Percival Everett's Novel 'The Trees' Parses Through Race's Part In A Southern Murder

Scott Simon speaks with author Percival Everett about his latest novel, "The Trees."
3 min

Louisianans Decide Whether To Save Their Most Valuable Possession - Their Homes

It's been weeks since Hurricane Ida barrelled through Louisiana with 150 mph winds, damaging or destroying thousands of homes. Scores of people are still trying to figure how or whether to rebuild.
2 min

Opinion: Automatic Pay Raises Haven't Stopped Chicago's Corruption

Scott Simon questions the automatic aldermanic pay raises in Chicago even as three aldermen face criminal charges in federal court.
4 min

Saturday Sports: Gymnasts Tell Senators U.S. Athletics Failed To Protect Them

Wrenching testimony by gymnasts about sexual abuse may spur Congress to act.
5 min

U.S. Military Admits A Kabul Drone Strike Hit Civilian Vehicle, Not ISIS

Scott Simon speaks to Columbia Law School's Priyanka Motaparthy about civilian casualties in U.S. drone strikes.