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Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another. WNYC studios is the producer of leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Note To Self, Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin, and more.

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The Sasquatch of Pumpkintown - Snap Classic

Everyone in Pumpkintown is hunting for Sasquatch... except Ben Becker. He knows exactly where Bigfoot lives. This episode does contain strong language, sensitive listeners please be advised. This story originally aired on the Here Be Monsters podcast hosted by Jeff Emtman. They just dropped a new season… listen and subscribe for more awesome stories! Produced by Jeff Emtman, artwork by Teo Ducot Snap Classic - Season 5 - Episode 12
34 min

Diamonds in the Sky - Snap Classic

Fans and journalists embark on a seven-show tour with Rihanna… in seven countries, over seven days, on a Boeing 777, to celebrate her seventh album in seven years. Fasten your seat belts, it’s time for liftoff… This episode contains strong language and descriptions of a ‘rockstar lifestyle,’ sensitive listeners please be advised. Special thanks to Kristen Gwynne, Lawrence Bull, and Elizabeth Nakano. Produced by John Fecile, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot #rihannaplane Snap Classic - Season 10 - Episode 32
49 min


When the biggest baddest bird in the wild is on the brink of death, one couple will do anything to bring her back home. Snap presents, “Birdzilla.” A Canadian love story. This episode discusses the subject of death and contains strong language, sensitive listeners please be advised. Thank you, Murdo Messer, for sharing your story with us! And all of us here at Snap are thinking fondly of the late Dr. Helene Van Doninck, wherever you are, thank you. Learn more about the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre! Check out photos and videos of animals on their Facebook and Twitter. Produced by Nikka Singh, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 4
36 min

Jinho's Journey

A hip hop artist from Oakland leaves his mic behind to join the police force and fight for justice from the inside. This story includes scenes of police violence and strong language, sensitive listeners please be advised. Thank you, Jinho Ferreira, for sharing your story with us! Listen to “I Can’t Breathe” from Jinho’s hip hop group, Flipsyde. This story was adapted from the piece originally produced for WorldAffairs, an incredible weekly podcast and radio show. Special thanks to Jarrod Sport and Joanne Elgart Jennings, who originally edited and co-produced this story. If you liked Jinho’s story, check out the WorldAffairs podcast. The world is shifting beneath our feet and if you want help making sense of it, WorldAffairs will break it down! Listen and subscribe to WorldAffiars wherever you get your podcasts. Reported & produced by Teresa Cotsirilos, edited by Nikka Singh Original Score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 3
38 min

The Secret Adventures of Black People

A woman recounts her Aunt’s fairytale love story and searches for her own Modern Romance. An African princess learns she is truly beautiful. And a precocious eight-year-old finds himself on the brink of a revolution when he applies lessons learned from a homework assignment to other areas of his life. STORIES Modern Romance In the second half of her life, Stephanie found her classic Hollywood romance. Now she attempts to understand the strange and confusing world of dating apps to help her niece - and the show's host Nichole - find her happily ever after. This story comes to us from The Secret Adventures of Black People, hosted by Nichole Hill. This incredible podcast tells the stories of Black people holding it down across space and time. Be sure to check out the show and subscribe to the podcast at Stay in touch by joining the newsletter, following their Instagram, or by sending an email to Modern Romance was written and produced by Nichole Hill with production assistance by Shonte Hill, and story editing assistance by Talia Bender. Special thanks to Stephanie Camolli! Music: Epidemic Sound Beautiful - Sonya Renee Taylor An African princess learns she is truly beautiful. This story was performed by Sonya Renee Taylor at Snap LIVE in DC. Sonya Renee Taylor is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, actress, educator, and activist. The LIVE score was composed by amazing Alex Mandel & performed by Alex Mandel, David Brandt, and Tim Frick. Watch Sonya’s Snap LIVE performance. Liberation - Latif Doman When Latif Doman is growing up in Philly, he takes his schoolwork seriously… which is unfortunate for the parents in his neighborhood. Many thanks to Latif and Story District for bringing us this story! Season 12 - Episode 2
49 min

Heaven's Gate - Spotlight

In 1997, thirty-nine people took their own lives in an apparent mass suicide. The events captivated the media and had people across the planet asking the same question... ‘Why?’ 20 years later, those who lost loved ones and those who still believe - tell their story. Snap Judgment presents a special spotlight on Heaven’s Gate. Find out the story behind the cult that changed the world. Heaven’s Gate is produced by Stitcher in collaboration with Pineapple Street Media and is hosted by Snap’s very own Glynn Washington. You can listen to Heaven’s Gate wherever you get your pods. Go on… subscribe right now and listen to all the episodes!
34 min

Money Truck

Six people, six different times and places, but they all find themselves in the same predicament, asking the same question, should they stop or should they go? BIG thanks to Tyler Estep, who first reported Philip Dean’s story for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Thanks also to Cole Richards and Randy Scott Carroll for recording assistance. Thank you to everyone interviewed for this story: Troy Stokes, Philip Dean, Betsy Richards, Delrish Moss, Carol Steele, and the Lucky Guy. Big love and thanks to Shannon Cason, who narrated this piece. Check out Shannon's podcast 'Homemade Stories' to hear more from him. Produced by Anna Sussman, John Fecile & Nancy López, original score by Renzo Gorrio Artwork by Teo Ducot Season 12 - Episode 1
33 min

A Person Who Has Never Even Been Married... - Appearances Spotlight

An Iranian American examines herself and her life in a one-woman audio show that straddles the line between fiction and truth. Snap Judgment presents, “A Person Who Has Never Even Been Married...” a special spotlight on the Appearances podcast. This episode contains strong language, scenes of domestic turmoil, and mentions sex. Sensitive listeners, please be advised. From Mermaid Palace and Radiotopia, Sharon Mashihi brings you Appearances. This podcast brings to life an Iranian American family and community through the real and fantastical mental machinations of Melanie Barzadeh. Melanie is in her mid 30’s and desires nothing more than to become a mother. The difficulty of finding the right partner seems to be directly connected to the struggles witnessed in her home throughout her entire childhood. As Sharon Mashihi voice-acts all the characters in one family, the depth of the love, pain, and struggle is felt with visceral, profound compassion at every turn. This is episode 2 of a 9 episode audio mind trip. Go on… go listen to all the episodes and subscribe to this amazing podcast! The roles of Melanie, her family members, and all the wedding guests were performed by Sharon Mashihi.  The role of Ponch was performed by Thatcher Keats. This episode also featured clips from an interview with Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh. The story consultant was Sunita Prasad.  The associate producer of pre-production was Monique Laborde.  The associate producer was Ariel Mejia. The mix engineer was Harry Knazen. Kaitlin Prest is the executive producer and editor of Appearances. The show was made with support from New York State Council on the Arts, Madowell, the Ragdale Foundation, Union Docs, and IFP. Snap Season 11 - Episode 42