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Another COVID surge strikes but vaccines are protecting people from the worst

An even more contagious omicron subvariant is fueling yet another surge of infections in the U.S. The number of hospitalizations is growing.

Russia aims to capitalize on controlling the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol

More than a thousand soldiers were evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant, and Russia is consolidating control of Mariupol. It is making plans to annex the southwestern parts of the country.

Finland has officially applied to join NATO and a brewery shows support

A Finnish brewery is making the case with a case of beer. The brew is called OTAN, a play on a Finnish expression that means "I'll have a beer." It's also the French abbreviation for NATO.

Paper airplane enthusiasts break record for farthest flight by a paper aircraft

The plane flew an impressive 252 feet. Chee Yie Jian created the prototype. He said his design and his partner's "rocket arm" had the winning combination.

Where is 'Harry's House' anyway? Harry Styles explains

The pop star has spent a life on the go, so the pandemic offered him a rare chance for reflection, to separate the person from the pop star. Also, of course, to record a new album.

Much of the U.S. could see power blackouts this summer, a grid assessment reveals

A grid reliability report says power outages are likely in parts of the Midwest, California and Texas. The Western drought and a mismatch between supply and peak summer demand are some reasons why.

The House has approved a bill to fight domestic terrorism

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland about a newly passed bill targeting domestic terrorism, and the partisan divides that make Senate approval unlikely.

A counselor at Mississippi's only abortion clinic shares her story

In this week's StoryCorps, a worker at Mississippi's last remaining clinic that performs abortions, talks about her experiences.