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To Compete With China, The U.S. And EU Reach A Deal Over Aircraft Subsidies

The United States and European Union have reached a truce on a long-running and costly trade dispute involving Boeing and Airbus. They say they are doing so to focus on a common competitor: China.
3 min

How Biden Tried To Mend Fences With European Allies

President Biden took great pains to try to repair ties with European allies at the G-7 and NATO summits over the past six days. He'll meet with Russian President Putin on Wednesday.
6 min

U.S. Uses NATO Summit To Take A Tougher Stance On China

NPR's Sarah McCammon speaks with Ivo Daalder, former U.S. Representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, about what Monday's NATO summit means for the future of the alliance.

There Is A Cat Burglar On The Loose In Beaverton, Ore.

Esme is a cat who steals items from her neighbors. Esme's owner Kate knew she had to make it right. She displayed all of her cat's loot on a clothesline, with a sign that reads: My cat is a thief.

Six Flags Tests New Roller Coaster In New Jersey

The Jersey Devil, named after a mythical creature that is said to wander the New Jersey Pine Barrens, is the world's tallest single rail coaster.
5 min

5 Views From Belarus On The Country's Political Crisis

Nearly a year after Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko's crackdown, "None of us doubt that we will prevail," an activist tells NPR. Others sound worried. "Every day is a little scarier," says one.
4 min

In California, Most Pandemic Restrictions Are Lifted As The State Reopens

Gov. Gavin Newsom set Tuesday as the day California fully reopens. The state has made considerable progress on vaccinations. But some are still concerned it's not enough.
3 min

Library Of Congress Receives Health Care Workers Audio Diaries

The Library of Congress acquires the recordings featuring more than 200 front-line health care workers in the fight against COVID-19. They share their thoughts and feelings during the pandemic.