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CDC Director Walensky Overrules Advisers On Boosters For At-Risk Workers

Walensky made a recommendation that CDC advisers rejected — giving a third shot to at-risk workers such as those in the health care industry. Her decision sides with what the FDA recommended.

Daniel Craig Is Appointed An Honorary Commander By The Royal Navy

James Bond is also a commander in the Royal Navy. To mark the end of actor Daniel Craig's 15 years of portraying the secret agent on screen, he was given the honorary title.
3 min

The Controversial Election Review In Arizona Confirms Biden's Win

A widely discredited GOP-led review of the 2020 election in Arizona's largest county has affirmed the accuracy of the official tally. But the report still raises concerns about the election system.

An Enormous Replica Of The Moon Rolls Away From Celebration In China

In a video, the giant balloon towers over cars and trees as it cruises down the road. It's not clear how, or if, the two guys chasing the moon in the video managed to get it back.
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Defining T. Rex Album Came Out The Same Year NPR Debuted Original Programming

NPR celebrates its 50th anniversary remembering other events in 1971. The band T. Rex overhauled their musical style and released Electric Warrior, an album that became the cornerstone of glam rock.
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The Elizabeth Holmes Trial Is Sparking A Gender Debate In Silicon Valley

The debate: Why have male CEOs, who promised the moon and failed, not been prosecuted? Holmes faces possible prison time over fraud charges tied to her former blood-testing company Theranos.
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White House, House Democrats Agree On A Framework To Pay For Their Spending Plan

House leaders on Thursday announced an agreement with the White House on a loose framework for how they will pay for their spending package. No specifics were announced about the framework.
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A Firefighter Reminisces About A Girl He Rescued Nearly 30 Years Ago

In this week's StoryCorps, a Los Angeles firefighter talks about a girl he rescued from a burning building 28 years ago.Audio produced for Morning Edition by Barry Gordemer.