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Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective.

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Episode #2033: Children Of Smithfield, Puerto Ricans During COVID-19 & Alice Bag

How family members of meatpacking plant workers who came together to advocate for their families during COVID-19. Also, a look at Puerto Ricans during COVID-19, and an interview with Alice Bag.
54 min

Episode #2022

In this two-part investigation, Latino USA delves into the increasing pressure put on refugees seeking safety in the United States via its southern border.
54 min

Episode #2021

Part one of an investigation delving into the increasing pressure put on refugees seeking safety in the U.S. via its southern border. Also, inside a hospital where Latinos are fighting COVID-19.
54 min

Episode #2020

Inside the U.S. immigration courts system. In partnership with Documented and Type Investigations.
7 min

How I Made It: La Doña

Cecilia Peña-Govea known as La Doña, a musical artist from San Francisco, tells us about one of her new songs "Cuando Se Van," a powerful anthem for a gentrifying city.
54 min

Episode #2017

It's been tough adjusting to life in quarantine—which is why we turned to John Paul Brammer, author of the advice column "Hola Papi." Also, a look at Peru's journey to the 2018 World Cup.
54 min

Episode #2015

As the U.S. faces the coronavirus pandemic, immigrants in ICE detention are in a vulnerable position. Also, Latino USA explores intuition.
10 min

How I Made It: Flor De Toloache

The women of Flor de Toloache share what it's like to be an all-female mariachi in a male-dominated music industry.