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40 min

'War Doctor' Says Treating COVID-19 Is Like Fighting An Invisible Enemy

Trauma surgeon David Nott has volunteered in war zones and disaster areas around the world. Now he's treating COVID-19 patients in London. He calls the pandemic a "disaster zone for the whole world."
42 min

Fighting COVID-19 Is Like 'Whack-A-Mole,' Says Writer Who Warned Of A Pandemic

Atlantic writer Ed Yong warned of a global pandemic two years ago. He says scientists are still working to understand how COVID-19 travels through air — and whether more of us should be wearing masks.
41 min

Heaven And Hell Are 'Not What Jesus Preached,' Religion Scholar Says

Bart Ehrman says the ideas of eternal rewards and punishments aren't found in the Old Testament or in the teachings of Jesus. His new book is Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife.
36 min

How Winston Churchill Pulled Britain Through The Early Years Of WWII

In The Splendid And The Vile, author Erik Larson details the British prime minister's first year in office, during which England endured a Nazi bombing campaign that killed more than 44,000 civilians.
6 min

Staying At Home? Check Into Emily St. John Mandel's Haunting 'Glass Hotel'

The author of Station Eleven weaves together stories of a hotel worker and an ultra-wealthy con man in a novel that captures how precarious life is — in a way that feels particularly resonant now.
46 min

Fresh Air Weekend: Writer James McBride; RuPaul

McBride's novel, Deacon King Kong, takes place in 1969, in a Brooklyn housing project similar to the one he grew up in. The host of RuPaul's Drag Race says loving yourself is a cornerstone of success.
45 min

Fresh Air Weekend: Marc Maron; 'Simpsons' Voice Actor Hank Azaria

Maron's new Netflix stand-up special, End Times Fun, was named before the coronavirus pandemic. Azaria reflects on his IFC comedy series Brockmire and why he no longer performs Apu on The Simpsons.
45 min

'Fresh Air' Celebrates Broadway Legend Stephen Sondheim (Part 2)

Sondheim, who turned 90 on March 22, composed the music and lyrics for Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, Company and other shows. He spoke about his career in musical theater in this 2010 interview.