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Fresh Air Weekend: Leslie Jones; Kerry Washington

Jones went from funniest person on campus to SNL star. Ken Tucker reviews Allison Russell's album, The Returner. Washington explains how a DNA test inspired her journey of self-discovery.

Revisiting the 'Fresh Air' interview with poet Allen Ginsberg

A new tribute album offers musical interpretations of Ginsberg's poems. The poet and countercultural activist spoke to Terry Gross in 1994 about his poem "Howl," which was inspired by his mother.

Remembering 'NCIS' actor David McCallum

McCallum, who died Sept. 25, played an off-beat medical examiner on NCIS, but got his start nearly 60 years earlier, playing a Russian agent on the The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Originally broadcast in '92.

Exposing the secretive company at the forefront of facial recognition technology

NYT reporter Kashmir Hill says Clearview AI has a database of billions of photos scraped from the internet, which it sells to governments and police departments. Her book is Your Face Belongs To Us.

Did AI write this film? 'The Creator' offers a muddled plea for human-robot harmony

This sci-fi drama about an ex-special-forces operative who teams up with a humanoid robot excels at world-building — but ultimately fails to create characters that take on lives of their own.

Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Russell plays tracks from 'The Returner'

Russell talks and sings about the physical and sexual abuse she endured from her racist adoptive father — and about how she learned she was worthy of being loved.

Cars are a major predator for wildlife. How is nature adapting to our roads?

Environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb says cars are killing animals, while highways cut off them off from their food sources and migration paths. His new book is Crossings.

The dystopian suspense 'Land of Milk and Honey' satisfies all manner of appetites

Set in the near future, C Pam Zhang's atmospheric novel centers on a chef who takes a job at a tech entrepreneur's isolated compound after smog kills most of Earth's plant and animal species.