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45 min

The News Roundup — International

A Haitian gang asks for a $17 million ransom. Australia sends a strong message to Ted Cruz.
46 min

The News Roundup — Domestic

The Freedom to Vote Act fails. Bannon won't cooperate with Congress.
46 min

How Whistleblowers Have Put Big Tech On The Back Foot

As the power of Silicon Valley’s tech companies has grown, so too has the number of people willing to air their dirty laundry.
11 min

The Latest on Haiti’s Kidnappings

The FBI is working with Haitian authorities to secure the release of the missionaries and assisting them in the negotiating process.  
46 min

The Future of The Child Tax Credit

he benefit will end in a few weeks if Congress doesn’t vote to make it permanent. 
34 min

Stanford’s Former Sailing Coach Speaks Out About The College Admissions Scandal

John Vandemoer talks to us about his new book, "Rigged Justice: How the College Admissions Scandal Ruined an Innocent Man’s life"
47 min

From Chili-Eating Contests To Ultramarathons, Why Do We Seek Pain For Pleasure?

Journalist Leigh Cowart interviewed ultramarathoners, spice aficionados, lovers (practitioners) of BDSM, and other pain-seekers about why they do what they do.
34 min

The Leaky Legacy Of Dying Natural Gas Wells

Many old oil and gas wells are actually leaking methane, which is much more efficient at heating our atmosphere than carbon dioxide.