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Remembering television genius Norman Lear

Norman Lear made us laugh. But what made him funny?

James Blake on 'Playing Robots Into Heaven'

For his sixth album, 'Playing Robots Into Heaven,' James takes us back to the electronic music scene of the early 2000s.

The last GOP debate of 2023

We'll break down the final showdown of 2023 with our panel of experts.

As the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ends, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens

Israel's moves into southern Gaza threaten to cause new waves of displaced Palestinians.

Jon Batiste on the highs and lows captured in 'American Symphony'

The New Orleans native has been described as a sort of one-man parade.  

How nice is the Midwest for LGBTQ+ families?

These 12 states are also known as “America’s Heartland.” How do LGBTQ families living there experience its beat?

Presidential immunity and Donald Trump's legal woes

Trump lawyers say the question on presidential immunity is unsettled and plan to appeal latest ruling.

Rapper, author, and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal on overcoming trauma

"When you don't find a meaning in your suffering, you exist to suffer. When you find the meaning in your suffering, you get to live your life."